▷ 6 Tips for Successful Email Sales

Oh, sales! This mild season is long-awaited by both consumers and dealers. And with the winter sale kicking off tomorrow, we thought it was a perfect opportunity to send e-merchants some expert advice on how to make their email campaigns a success. What email marketing strategy should you put in place? How do I send emails that don’t end up in the trash? How do you stand out from the competition and create email campaigns that encourage buying? At the end of this article, discover SimpleMail infographic, a 100% French email solution, to boost your email marketing strategy during sales.

6 Tips for Successful Email Sales

  1. Division is the key!

Don’t send the same discounts around the world, By gender, age, tastes and previous purchases of beneficiaries. You’ll send your contacts the content they expect, and you’ll have the distinction of being the one who understood them, and who offers them the products that really matter to them.

  1. Attract recipients’ attention

Your sender/object pair must be sexy. Customize the sender’s name and use an email address that customers can respond to if they have questions. For your campaign theme, it should be strong and less than 30 characters long. You can also enter a code to catch the dentists’ attention.

  1. Personalize your campaigns

Did you know that personalized email generates six times more transactions than traditional email? So feel free to call your customers by their first name in the email subject and also consider personalizing your email content using data you already have about your customers – such as purchase history.

  1. Pay attention to the content of your messages

Take care to balance the text/image ratio as well as place a file name call to action. Respect the promise made in the subject, if a question is asked there, it must of course be answered in the body of the email. Finally, if you have a store, do not forget to indicate the opening hours during the sale period.

  1. Send in time

Carefully choose the day and time to send your campaigns. Predict your site traffic by offering your customers to create their cart the day before the sales launch, for example. Thus, on D-Day, they will just have to collect their basket and pay for it. Finally, consider creating an automated campaign to restart abandoned bins.

  1. Analyze your stats

Leverage the power of email solutions to analyze your campaign stats. The click rate will allow you to select the most requested articles, so you can adapt to the demand in real time. Finally, feel free to use A/B testing, whether for the purpose of your campaign or for your email content.

SimpleMail infographic

As other digital marketing strategies evolve, email marketing remains as important as ever, especially during important events and/or seasonal offers such as the sale period. Creating a powerful email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. It also generates the highest return on investment for marketers. In addition, building your own email list, as opposed to building a social network, is a stable long-term investment that will pay off in the long run. In short, email marketing still has a bright future ahead of giving your business the ability to reach customers more easily than ever before.

Source: Simplemail blog

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