Who can still do without digital marketing in 2022?

by Jonathan Hebert

Digital transformation goes beyond digitization and dematerialization and implementation of CRM solutions in businesses.

To stand out in the market, attract their customers and develop their brand image, companies invest heavily in digital marketing and the web in general.

If players are cuddled and DNVB (Original Digital Vertical Brands) sets the tone, the entire ecosystem follows what works for it. Since the early 2000s, the way marketing and business are done has changed radically.

Based on the 2021 Digital Report, the top sources of new customer brand discovery now are search engines with 42.5% and word of mouth with 29.3%.

This sets the tone!

Another staggering figure, total online advertising spending rose 3.1% between 2019 and 2020 to $6.22 billion… including $1.5 billion on social networks (+6.5% in one year).

Only in France.

The web is now ubiquitous, and companies, whatever they are, regardless of their size and sector, seem to have no other choice.

But what is it really?

10 years ago, I co-founded repair agency L’Agence Web, and since then, I’ve been helping with the digital transformation of business marketing. In fact, more than just attending, I contribute to it with my team.

Why is web marketing and digital marketing essential

To launch into new markets, develop the company and acquire new clients, digital is essential for small and medium businesses as well as large groups, start-ups and agencies.

Digital transformation is also the transition to web acquisition

It is no secret that the digital transformation of companies (which follows society and the world) has been going on for several decades.

But at the heart of this revolution is another revolution underway: the digitization of marketing. If you and Noureddine Selmi decided to create L’Agence Web, in 2013, it was because at that time, the enthusiasm for acquiring the Web was already exceptional and there were more and more economic operators to help.

Over the past decade, the growth of digital marketing tools has increased almost exponentially, widening the gap between the brands that are more advanced in this topic and the laggards.

The good news is that it’s never too late to get started, and the agency is still supporting large accounts that are struggling with lead acquisition and conversion.

Inevitably, some brands are more interested in finding their customers on the Internet, due to the nature of their offering or purpose. This is self-evident.

But now, no sector has been left out of this desire for the web, and almost all brands have customers to impress on the web.

Dismissing it amounts to a lost opportunity, which is a great inability. In fact: Although we still sometimes hear the term digital marketing “expense,” it’s so much more than that. of investmentssince the return on investment is often beneficial.

The agencies that support the brands ensure this on a daily basis.

There is still educational work to be done with some advertisers so that they are aware of the web’s interest in their activity, because even in 2022, we still sometimes notice hesitation or questions!Noureddine Selmy, CEO and Co-founder of L’Agence Web

A sea of ​​​​opportunities for brands that entered it and began to enter it

Facts and success stories show that many startups have become unicorns thanks to search: SEO, SEA, and social advertising.

How many big brands have also changed the game with their online advertising campaigns? How many large groups did the web adopt to incorporate into their marketing strategy years ago?

A lot, and they don’t regret it.

Recently, the most innovative digital campaigns have been directed towards the metaverse, NFTs, virtual or augmented reality. Without having to go that far, traditional web channels remain very effective: SEO, advertising, social networking, etc.

To tap into another sector, online commerce, note that approximately 45% of e-commerce merchants rely on SEO to attract shoppers in 2022. In France, Spain, Italy, Poland, or even Latin America, C is an enterprise.

And for good reason, according to a recent study by PrestaShop:

  • 1/3 expect more than 20% increase in their sales in 2022 thanks to SEO
  • 3/4 are already marketing their goods abroad or intend to do so in the coming months
  • 30% of their marketing budget is invested in SEO

Customer acquisition remains the number one challenge for 42% of them.

Another report, published by Semrush in the first quarter of 2022, also informs on the state of content marketing in 2022, an increasingly effective visibility, awareness, reputation and acquisition channel:

  • Content is evolving (and must continue to evolve) to become more human
  • The uses of the epidemic have changed in two years, and this permanent sign is a source of wear and tear, it is time to move on
  • Some of the priorities stand out in content strategies: empathy and visitor search intent at all levels of the conversion funnel
  • Beware of storytelling, because the public is more vigilant than ever in the face of green washing, social washing, etc.
  • Content is, more than ever, a long-term investment for ROI
  • Click rate remains the best indicator of SEO
  • Short videos are popular, driven by the influence of TikTok, and everyone can win
  • Content auditing is gaining importance in an overall content marketing strategy

As for social media, let’s talk about it (as the Hootsuite study did for a discussion of the year):

  • Facebook remains the most effective channel for achieving business goals according to 62% of marketers
  • Instagram is what most respondents plan to invest in in 2022 (48%)
  • Only 10% do not use paid advertising, especially small businesses
  • 1 in 2 marketers believe that their social advertising strategy integrates with other marketing activities (TV advertising, print, Google advertising, PR, etc.)
  • Awareness comes on top of social media marketers’ motivation (53%), before acquisition (47%) and conversion (46%)

How the historical “old school” actor brilliantly moved to the web

Lextenso is a legal advertising site that has been around for over a century (formerly known as Les Petites Affiches)

Until recently, they were virtually absent from the web. Traditionally, their marketing has been through print media, salespeople, and physical channels in general.

With the agency, we supported them in digitizing and developing their online business until they became almost (almost) a pure player: SEO and SEA, advertising campaigns, etc.

Now their business is running at full speed, even better than before. It’s a huge pride, because it hasn’t been won beforehand. But after all, what would the agency’s life be without major challenges?

Do companies still have a choice?

Not really: the choice is between modernization, or bypassing competition and missed opportunities to strengthen engagement with the public and customers. And while some brands are resistant to SEO, online advertising or social networks, others are already starting on the metaverse and Web3…

As mentioned earlier, the shortage is massive and every week without moving forward with digital marketing transformation is a lost week.

In addition, Covid has accelerated this structural trend: In two years, we have gained 20 years.

Some historical clients who have never invested in digital have been able to grow their sales quickly thanks to the web.

The future is digital.

The other question, then, remains “how” and “who”, or rather: how do we begin and with whom?

Having good support is essential to a successful transition (and that’s the mission of L’Agence Web.com)

Search Agency (SEM, SEO, SEA) Serving your acquisition of qualified leads since 2013, we support you in the digital transformation of client acquisition.

Our goal: to have experts collaborate in solving your natural and paid reference issues to enable you to develop successfully on new online channels.

From Europe to the US, we’re letting top brands outrun their web acquisition targets. Our team of diverse talents cultivate French excellence in every research topic: crawling, editing, networking, sponsored links, technical SEO… We use best practices to help you outperform Google, other search engines and Amazon.

What if it was finally a good time to create a strategy that adapts to your needs, implement effective actions and generate the best ROI on the Internet?

Jonathan Hebert

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