Tourism: 2021 is a fan of Dinan Cap Freehill – Dinan

  • 1 semi-fixed number of overnight stays

  • To the great satisfaction of the Director of Dinan Cap Fréhel Tourisme, the number of overnight stays has increased sharply compared to 2020, affected by the coronavirus. Attendance that remains identical to 2019, the reference year. Dominique Le Thérisien, in the context of the health crisis and the curfew in April last year, explains, “We recorded 1,162,850 overnight stays in the so-called merchants’ residence this year.” By comparison, 1,237,989 nights were booked three years ago.

  • 2 different features

  • Usually 25% of the tourist attendance is by foreigners, but the trend has changed last year, only 10% of the customers were foreigners. In the words of the director, the situation was only temporary: “We are seeing the return of foreigners at the beginning of the year.” A boom is also beginning to be felt in the area’s furnished seasonal rentals: “Many second homes are available for rent, particularly in Dinan and Sainte-Cast-le-Guildo across the platforms,” ​​notes Dominique Le Terezian.

  • 3 Best targeting audience expectations

  • With 379,515 bicycle crossing points on bicycle routes, an increase of 23% in 2020, users want to engage in greener tourism. Dinan Cap Fréhel has got it right, by subscribing to an environmentally responsible label about the environmental gestures it’s been making to its partners since the beginning of the year. In addition to its partners, the structure has also made its teams aware of sustainable development: more local products, logical travel and a digital sobriety approach.

  • 4 maintenance obligations

  • Dinan Cap Fréhel wanted to keep all the commitments made in terms of quality (tourism quality) and customer satisfaction. They focus on listening to customer expectations, quality of services and management. A quality audit was organized last year by an external organization. “The next stage will take place in 2023,” Dominique Le Terezian recalls.

  • 5 What about this summer?

  • As for the future, the president of Dinan Cap Fréhel Tourisme, Didier Lechin, hopes for a new tourism year that falls within the usual ‘extremely attractive’ area. It also emphasizes increased traffic to the Fort La Latte and Château de Dinan sites. “That’s what makes us think so.” Fort La Latte is the number one most visited private site in Brittany. Regarding new products for customers, Dinan-Cap Fréhel wants to improve communication and plans to create a Pinterest account as well as implement a marketing plan to enhance the attractiveness of the destination.

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