The metaverse makes the buzz at Vivatech 2022

Dressing up or preparing a position for recruitment: In VivaTech Extensions, the virtual worlds of sectors of great interest and diversity are growing, driven by investments so large that you do not miss out on this technological transformation.

“Companies are arming themselves: the big video game players, the big tech players, as well as the big brands that don’t want to miss this train,” Eric Hazan, partner at AFP, told AFP. On the occasion of this digital exhibition that opened on Wednesday 15 June 2022 in Paris. According to a study by this company, investments in technologies that pave the way for metaverses have already reached more than $50 billion in 2021 and could more than double this year.

virtual clothes

Luxury giant LVMH, for example, offers several immersive experiences on its platform, including “live broadcasts,” a way to remotely display real or virtual events to wealthy clients. “this micro worms Which makes it possible to break free from the constraints of time and space,” Stephane Emanuele, responsible for managing computer services at Louis Vuitton, explains to AFP.

LVMH also welcomes DressX, a startup that offers to buy and try on virtual clothes, and therefore can only be worn on a photo or avatar, for example for the very popular game platform Roblox.

Others see the virtual world as an opportunity for a connection process, such as BNP Paribas, which is expanding its position thanks to the Spatial metaverse, or the voucher specialist of French restaurant Edenred, which offers in virtual reality (VR) its “10-year vision” to an employee using the company’s full range of services. “If it weren’t for virtual reality, we would have shown a phone screen,” the group told AFP.

Adecco, one of the world’s leaders in temporary work, is instead trying to find solutions to innovate in its core business. Thus, the experience allows the group to place future recruits in a real 3D work environment pre-recorded by their clients with 360-degree cameras.

“This could make it possible, for example, to assess their ability to work in the nacelle at altitude,” Camille Mulkin, director of marketing for startup Uptale, told AFP.

buzz effect

But in the end, everyone developed their own world, without at the moment benefiting from a lot of common immersive platforms like The Sandbox or Decentraland, where the sale of virtual lands, the subject of great speculation, has already exceeded $500 million. .

Building on its leadership in this field, Meta Group (ex-Facebook) offers on giant screen its ultimate view of metaverse, which includes social, professional and recreational activities.

Visitors particularly experience Horizon Workrooms, a virtual collaborative space, in an open space or on the edge of a beach. One user comments while removing his helmet: “You completely lose touch with reality. I don’t see myself working with it for two hours, but it’s hard to fight the trend.”

“If companies are interested in putting their toes in water to measure its temperature,” they should remain “extremely cautious,” though, thinks Alexander Aractingi, partner at Boston Consulting Group. In fact, “since it’s such a sensation, many trends want to go there by losing the industry,” he laments. You better not get lost in this virtual universe…

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