Ivory Coast: Belive EBU Connect, Air Transport, Ascom, No rest before summer for Amadou Koulibaly

June began with “Belive EBU Connect” and then, after the long truce imposed by the pandemic, a regional forum for the relaunch of air transport will follow. Amadou Coulibaly participated in these two important events before the 9th edition of AS de la Communication et marketing (Ascom) on June 9. There is no deadline before the summer for the Minister of Communication, Media and the Digital Economy. a report.

9 last June. In the presence of many players in the sector, the opening ceremony of the 9th edition of Ascom was held at the Crrae Space (Distribution Pension Fund with Savings) of the Monetary Union – Umoa of Abidjan in Plateau. This edition, along with Ascom’s 15th Anniversary, was put under the High Patronage of the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Amadou Coulibaly and under the chairmanship of Faman Toure, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Côte d’Ivoire. But what prevented this, the Minister will be represented at the highest level by Jean Martial Addo, Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy. Meanwhile, two other events, including the 2022 edition of “Belive EBU Connect” from June 5 to 8 and the Regional Forum on Reviving Air Transport on June 8, saw the active presence of Amadou Coulibaly.

“Belive EBU Connect” and air transport

The COVID-19 pandemic has undermined air transport around the world as well as air transport in Africa even if the continent partially escaped the disaster. With summer approaching, the major tourist period, a forum on regional air transport was needed to allow actors and states to revise their strategy and align rules for the resumption of air transport. Was at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Abidjan (Blvd from the Airport). In addition to Amadou Coulibaly who chaired the event on behalf of the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road Safety of Burkina Faso, Mahamoudou Zampaligré and Chief of Staff of the Ivorian Minister of Transport, Dioman Cone, participated. This two-day forum is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, by the Association of Central and West African Airport Managers (OGACO) and Sodexam. Participants will have to synergize the assets of the sub-area in civil aviation. Amadou Coulibaly stressed that “the consequences of Covid-19 on aviation in Africa, despite their importance, have not completely eliminated our activities,” expressing confidence in “finding the right solutions.” Earlier, on June 5, “Belive EBU Connect” was inaugurated under the chairmanship of the Minister of Communications, Media and Digital Economy. An opportunity for Amadou Coulibaly to share his vision of digital challenges and issues. Belive EBU Connect is a meeting between the leaders of the Mtn Group, a must-have in the field of telecoms in Africa, which aims to exchange and share experiences. Exchanging and discussing customer experiences with the aim of improving services provided to the population.

AS from com and marketing involved

AS Communications and Marketing (Ascom) is a very popular annual event in Côte d’Ivoire. This ninth edition, which began on June 9, was placed under the auspices of the Minister of Communication, Information and Francophonie, who honored the event with his presence. After the 8th edition whose theme was “Communicating for Resistance and Regression”, this theme will have the theme of “New Era, New Momentum”. Last year, the man who works as a spokesperson for the Ivorian government had the privilege of having his friend and counterpart from Congo-Brazzaville, Thierry Lesine Mongala, at his side. This year, he was represented by the director of his government, who struggled with an overburdened work schedule.

With the summer holidays approaching, Amadou Coulibaly’s schedule has never been as busy as June. A way to filter the essentials before the short summer run.

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