It’s the summer of all festivals

Continuing long-term cooperation with recreation areaAnd the Company and Associates. Imagine a campaign that invites Montreal residents to come back to experience the unique festivals in Piece this summer.

‘With the hook Summer of all festivalsThe goal was to highlight the long-awaited return of festivals this summer in Piece and to reconnect visitors with the artists as with the cultural and festive exuberance of all these unifying events,” he explains. Maribiere DamourDirector of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs, Partnership recreation area.

The campaign, published mainly in videos and posters, aims to convey the energy that spectators feel during the various festivals and to show the diversity of atmospheres and artistic disciplines of the ten events gathered in the cultural heart of Montreal.

The campaign, which runs through the end of August, includes a major component of the posters: bus shelters, Bixie station posters, Lumikis and street posters. For these formats, the agency has selected six images representing the major artistic disciplines of the festivals. Again, red dots, ID tokens PieceAccompany the movement of artists.

For the videos, we chose a fast and dynamic edit where we associate festivals with the symbolic red dots. recreation area Which wander according to the artist’s movements and act as a transition from one scene to another. In the end, it’s all abundance Piece During the summer it is represented,” explains Mario MercierPresident and Deputy Creative Director, Company and Associates..

This campaign was developed by partnership recreation areain cooperation with the ten summer festivals held in PieceIn order to re-launch the festival season with a strong common message. It benefits from the Fund’s support for the maintenance of strategic assets in tourism Montreal Tourismwith a financial contribution from Quebec government.



client : Quartier des Spectacles Partnership – Natalie Bertram, Maribiere Damour
Agency : Company and Associates.
Editing and Motion Design: Francois Genoa
writing : Hugo Leger
Strategy and media buying: Espace M – Planning: Danny Gautier, Procurement: Ahmed Magdish, Flavi Gerard, Jennifer Tram

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