Burkina: Orange Digital Center is training 200 young people for free in the full software developer profession

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Orange BURKINA recognizes the importance of digital technology and has set up the Orange Digital Center (ODC), as in many of the countries where the group is set up, with the aim of providing free training for the benefit of students, young graduates or not, young entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, Young people in professional retraining, entrepreneurs and youth student clubs, in the digital sphere. This is how 200 students between the ages of 18 and 30 have benefited, for six months, training in a full stack developer career. On Thursday 9 June 2022, 100 of them received their end of training certificates in Ouagadougou. The other 100 trained at Bobo Dioulasso received their training on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

“Digital can bring a lot. At Orange, we understood that very quickly. That is why we created the Orange Digital Center (ODC) that is present today in most of our countries”, said Director of Marketing and Communications, Assimi Diéro.

Marketing and Communications Director, Assimi Diéro

Orange, a leading digital data company, has “bet on helping countries embark on their digital development,” in order to show that it’s “not just in this country doing business,” according to Orange Digital Center Director, Minata Traoré/ séré.

Thus, the ODC, which opened its doors a few months ago and collected in one location a set of free programs, from training through support to acceleration of investment work, baptized the fire of 200 young students from Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Vaso, as full stack developers or general developers at Laravel and Synfony. They were selected after a call for applications via Orange digital channels.

Director of the Orange Digital Center, Minata Traoré / Séré

“The role of a full-stack developer, who is a general developer, is essential today in the digital world. For whom this training is a ‘response to the needs of the market today, because there are not enough full-stack developers,’ said Ms. Traore, who is responsible for creating applications and websites Electronic and above all maintained.

The training of these 200 young people mobilized 25 trainers and focused on the technical educational content of the developer, but also on the “soft killing” content that would enable them to find a place in the labor market.

One of the trainers, Sylvain Goran, writer and software consultant

According to one of the trainers, Sylvain Juran, a writer and software consultant, this training was conducted in “two phases”. “There was a first three-month phase where students received modules such as Algorithms and Oriented Programming and modules such as HTML (Hyper Text Markup) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). These are modules that allow them to develop easily. For the second phase, he Students with more advanced modules, such as Python and advanced PHP, writing projects, resumes (Curriculum Vitae), preparing for job interviews, and speaking techniques., according to Mr. Goran.


For him, through this training, “these students are now able to develop dynamic, intuitive and operational platforms, to create dynamic, professional, and functional websites from the ground up.”

As a coach, he advocated these young men to deepen what they had learned during the six months and to continue practicing. “Our field is one where you never stop learning. Always do sports and exercise. As the ODC is also there to support them, they should be available to the RCO so that they can be escorted in a timely manner.”

Students at the scroll party

According to Director of Marketing and Communications, Assimi Diéro, those beneficiaries who have been trained and brought into the labor market by Orange Digital Center will be able to “help companies increase their profitability and their digital approach”, emphasizing that it is Orange’s pride. And for Burkina Faso.

He has, on occasion, congratulated the Orange Digital Center team, saying “a great job has been done”. “The Orange Digital Center is available to the youth of Burkina Faso. “We will continue to train in the field,” he added.

President of the Orange Digital Center, Minata Traoré Séré

“Our goals are to promote digital training, support youth employment, prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and support technology entrepreneurs and invest in this,” said Orange Digital Center Director, Minata Traore/Siri.

The Orange Digital Center to carry out its mission consists of three components. This Code School is responsible for training youth; Fablab Solidarity Prototyping workshop to support young people with ideas, who can come and make first samples, test and train on digital tools and digital prototyping tools. The third is Orange Fab which is a startup accelerator. The latter aims to build business partnerships at the national and international levels with, among others, the Orange Group and the global Orange fab network.

Beneficiary students

Already, according to Ms. Traore, four startups have been selected and are supported by Orange. “They’re accelerating on the Orange Fab,” she said.

Given the importance of this free training project, Orange intends to decentralize it in order to better offer equal opportunities to all. For this purpose, partnerships are being established with the universities of Bobo Dioulasso, Ouagadougou, Koudougou and Dogo, and major schools to train and support young people. According to the head of the ODC, Orange Digital Clubs will be set up in these universities and colleges.

Concert participants

Another 120 students are trained in digital marketing and community manager for a period of three months. Ms Traore said they will be on the job market by the end of June.

“In 2022, we aim to train 1,000 young people and assign 500 to permanent or temporary jobs,” she said.

Project View

During the presentation of the chips at the end of the training, five groups of beneficiaries presented their projects which they developed after the knowledge gained during the six months.

Muhammad Ranadan Komi, the student benefiting from the training

Muhammad Ranadan Komi is one of the beneficiaries who presented their projects during the ceremony. His group created a multi-service platform called All Service. “It is a project that allows companies to interact with customers to facilitate means of communication” in order to sell or pay for services, explained Mr. Comey, as “the training went very well.”

“We worked a lot. We worked on different programming languages ​​that a developer should know.” “We are currently ready to express our knowledge of the digital market. What we have obtained will allow us to get jobs or even create our own business.”

orange formation

As part of its social responsibility, Orange Burkina has decided to use digital technology to provide equal opportunities to all. Based on this, I created the Orange Foundation, which introduced digital technology in primary school with the aim of introducing very young people to digital technology.

Written by Daouda Zongu

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