Atout France wants to accelerate the digital and sustainable transformation of the tourism sector

Atout France 3 launches calls for expressions of interest with the aim of facilitating investment projects and sustainable development approaches as well as digitizing international marketing approaches for regional networks.

A sustainable transition to France’s tourism offering is imperative today as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently published its latest report raising the environmental challenge facing society. Digital transformation is also a major issue at a time when digital technology is ubiquitous in everyone’s daily life. All initiatives resulting from these calls for expressions of interest will be fully coordinated with the state-region committees of Plan Destination France.

Le premier appel à manifestation d’intérêt (AMI) porte sur le tourisme durable et a pour objectif de « faciliter les projets d’investissement et les démarches de développement durable exemplaires » afin de renforcer le positionnement durable de l’offça dan tourist region. Many topics are concerned with through AMI such as accommodation for cultural and recreational activities, transportation, catering, or even events. They all fully reflect the strategic directions of the Destination France plan and the destination contracts that are currently being rolled out.

AMI II focuses on overseas accommodation in France with the ambition to “support the revitalization of accommodation offers to accelerate recovery” while accelerating the sustainable transformation of tourist accommodation in overseas destinations by focusing specifically on the new hotel rating system of reference. According to Atout France, accommodation is a quality label for destinations and helps create a value-added location that meets new customer expectations in terms of sustainability.

The third AMI concerns the digitization of destinations and aims to “enhance the knowledge of digital marketing for regional networks”. Today, nearly 90% of tourists’ purchases are made online, so it has become imperative to better promote all the heritage, cultural or natural assets of destinations in the digital world. AMI is specifically aimed at regional networks that wish to advance their members’ digital marketing professional paths and initiate short-term mass digital marketing actions in international markets. Each network must mobilize a minimum of fifteen destinations to participate in this programme.

Candidates have until September 30, 2022 to develop their projects and submit their applications to be selected later to carry out their work.

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