Atout France launches three calls for projects

Atout France has just launched three calls for expressions of interest, in sustainable tourism, accommodation abroad, and digitalisation, according to a press release.

The calls focus on three different topics. With regard to sustainable tourism, first of all, Atout France wants to “facilitate the dissemination of exemplary projects and initiatives capable of promoting the sustainable positioning of the French tourism offer in each region”. Thus, many areas are involved: from accommodation to cultural and leisure activities, including transportation, restaurants and events.

More sustainable living abroad

These topics focus on “both the environmental, global and economic dimension” and “fully reflect the strategic directions of the Destination France plan” according to Atout France. Candidates interested in this topic can send their projects to: [email protected] before September 30, 2022 at midnight.

A second call for projects related to the supply of residency abroad. Its goal is to “support the revitalization of accommodation offers to accelerate recovery”. This call aims to “accelerate the sustainable transformation of tourist accommodation in overseas destinations by relying specifically on the new hotel classification standard”. Interested candidates can send their projects to: [email protected] before 30 September 2022 at midnight.

90% of holiday purchases are made online

Finally, Atout France is interested in the digitization of destinations and wants to “strengthen the knowledge of digital marketing for regional networks”. A critical topic, while 90% of purchases for tourist accommodations are made online, according to the promotional body.

“This call is aimed at regional networks that wish to enhance the digital marketing professional paths of their members and initiate short-term mass digital marketing actions in international markets,” defines Atout France.

Each nominated network will have to mobilize a minimum of fifteen destinations wishing to participate in the programme. Candidate networks can send their projects to: [email protected] before September 30, 2022 at midnight. Click here for more information.

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