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Job Description
Advisor·In influencer marketing and social media, they develop thoughtful strategies to drive different brands and products through different project launches, unveils, openings and advertisements. Together with the PR team, it helps to increase the reputation, consideration and credibility of our clients.

In addition to his keen interest in social media and his natural talent for content creation, he is known for his impeccable quality of writing, sense of organization, and rigor. He/she is a reference for any novelty or latest trend on TikTok and Instagram. The selected person will be part of a human-level team, which collaborates on large-scale assignments in the spirit of knowledge sharing and continuous training.

Role and Responsibilitys
Influencer Marketing

  • Develop and publish distinctive influencer marketing strategies based on targeted objectives
  • Connect with creators and offer them respectful collaboration agreements based on their interests and the value of their audience
  • Develop key messages to convey for each impact campaign
  • Prepare original and personal parcel shipment
  • Participate in the launch, opening and opening ideas
  • Building distinguished guest lists and ensuring a distinguished welcome at events
  • Build and maintain good relationships with content creators
  • Conduct daily monitoring and identify opportunities
  • Counting statistics and issuing vision reports

Social media management

  • Develop strategic plans in line with the nature of the mandate, objectives and target audiences
  • Set up a posting schedule for a specific period
  • Create impactful content (photos, video) and write posts
  • Monitor and move platforms
  • Set up digital marketing campaigns on a budget

Requirements and companieseprofessional ringtones

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication or equivalent experience
  • 1 or 2 years related experience in communication
  • Impeccable quality writing
  • Proficiency in French (bilingual, an asset)
  • Advanced knowledge of social media, particularly TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Knowledge of the media environment and press relations are assets
  • Master photography and basic graphic design tools

Profile personly

  • Creativity, independence and a sense of organization
  • Strong interest in social media and content creation
  • Curiosity about the latest trends on social media and new media like podcasts
  • Interest in business and public relations

Job Benefits

  • Employment is between 35 and 40 hours per week
  • Salary ranges from $25 to $30 per hour depending on experience
  • Hybrid formula: the perfect balance between remote work and jet-set events
  • Flexible schedule for your appointments and your family’s needs (or just put your mind off for a few hours – read here go for an impromptu walk)
  • Christmas and summer holidays
  • Pay cell phone fees
  • Training according to your interests and opportunities
  • Eating just for fun!

Submit your resume and cover letter to Myranie Tremblay via the form. Your request remains confidential. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

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