Turning to the African iGaming Market

iGaming develops the African digital economy, which balances migration movements. It is an example of north-south integration.

Gia Ganashvili is the co-founder of London-based Véli Paridirect . Casino, which operates under license in the Congo. This site has all the qualities to represent it in Africa and radiate the whole region…

Veli.Services aims to develop B2B2C partnerships. This approach, centered on the beneficiary of the local company’s service, sets two prerequisites:

  • Close knowledge of the country’s culture to rely on its best assets
  • Close monitoring of user practices, in order to progress in contacting them.

For Gia Ganashvili: “Understanding how to build the bond of business and customers in different cultures is a big part of energetic chemistry, in the way that Veli-Services helps game companies reach new milestones.”

His research is backed by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, with data analysis tools helping operators better understand users’ preferences.

Paridirect, the unparalleled origin of African penetration

according to Jia Ganashvili “The most valuable asset is a partner you can truly count on.”

However, Paridirect relied entirely on local identity: in the absence of clear national regulations initially, it wanted to please a public that did not turn to foreign exchange. The CFA franc was the most widespread, and it gave it exclusivity.

Mobile Money, a transcontinental asset

La Monnaie Mobile (Mo-Mo) has been established in the Congo since 2012, but also in Ghana, Nigeria and elsewhere, thanks to the telecommunications company MTN.

PariDirect also accepts payments from the Airtel Money network, a secure digital wallet, valid in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Street culture in Brazzaville

To promote it, Paridirect has teamed up with rapper Sam Samouraï, urban culture expert, on top of the African label since 2020. The sly creativity of the author of “Sapo Gang” 2 and 3 fits well with the image that young PariDirect and its online casino have.

The successful combination of African D system and high technology

Gia Janashvili believes that in addition to marketing, the iGaming platforms will allocate significant budgets to achieve technical quantum leaps. B2B2C Partnerships focus on the most important technological innovations for future investments in the iGaming industry.

cloud games

Online casino and sports betting operators are making use of cloud computing to improve the experience of gamblers. It is the provision of IT services over the Internet (“the Cloud”) to provide faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Cloud gaming is an application of cloud computing, which allows online casino and slot games to be played on remote servers.

Transfer to cloud games Secures These Platforms: Responsibility for security is transferred to reputable cloud service providers who already have robust cybersecurity protocols in place.

portable devices

Online casinos and sports betting sites are already using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance users’ feelings of immersion. Metaverse combines the best of these technologies with 3D and other cutting-edge innovations to create an immersive gaming experience.

mobile phones

The increasing use of smartphones and the increasing penetration of the internet shows that more and more players want to access online casinos and sports betting on their mobile devices. The implementation of 5G connectivity will reinforce this trend.


Players can gather with their friends in the metaverse (an immersive virtual world) and bet on their favorite sports team. They can even move from one casino to another without leaving their homes.

The digital economy, a way to achieve population stability

The development of the iGaming market in Africa will allow the accelerated growth of the digital economy, in countries where young people will soon represent 50% of the population.

The private initiative of Veli.Services and PariDirect enables stability through activism and the founding of these new generations in the country, who participate from home in discoveries of the globally connected world. To promote this sustainable development path, the Congolese government has created a Ministry of Digital Economy, the purpose of which is to support this general transformation, a factor of jobs and purchasing power.

Africa is the land of adventure rich in difficulties to be overcome, discoverer of new tricks and possibilities to be presented.

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