[Métroscopie] Audrey Brun-Rapoel, Philip Henri, Bernard Senderi, Sandrine Redon

Audrey Braun Badwill at the helm of Rising Sud

The new Director General of Rising Sud, the economic development agency for the southern region, knows the mysteries of the Hotel de Région Sud well, having served until May 31 as Economic Adviser to Employment and Digital Development firms in the President’s Office. Her training determined her for the position: economic management at Paris Dauphine, public law at the Panthéon Sorbonne, and business law at Aix Marseille University. Audrey Brun started as a parliamentary collaborator in the Senate, then as an advisor to the CCI President in Marseille. When, following the 2015 regional elections, a new government was formed around Renault Muselier And the Christian Estrosithey are called to direct the field of economics.

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During the Rising Sud Board meeting on May 5, 2022, Audrey Brune-Rapauil was appointed Director; She officially took office on June 1. It replaces Jean Francois Royer who held the position of director for the past four years. President, Bernard KleinhofRegional Adviser and Chair of the Commission for Economic Development, Digital, Industry, Export, Gravity and Cyber ​​Security for the South Region, is counting on the new General Manager “To develop and deploy the agency’s new regional strategy but also to adapt and strengthen key systems related to the acceleration of high-potential companies, the development of international firms, the acceleration of enterprise structuring and the attractiveness of firms and talent to meet the economic ambitions of the Southern Territory.”

Philip Henri re-elected President of the Banque Populaire d’Europe

On April 27, 2022, the BMP Board of Directors unanimously renewed a term of membership Philip Henry as head of the bank. He says in a statement: The Banker is no longer just a financier or advisor, but a full partner to support the most innovative and daring projects. Success is in all of us. »

Philip Henry, © Apothéloz

Born in 1958, Philip Henry graduated from Issyk and began his career at Procter and Gamble. Then he headed the cooperative group Creno, then he headed the European professional organization in the fruit and vegetable sector, Freshfel, in Brussels. In 2013, he created his own consulting firm. He is now a Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Innov’Alliance Group for Agri-Food Competitiveness. Since 2019, he has also been president of the Banque Populaire Foundation, a foundation that supports projects in the fields of music, disability, and arts and crafts.

At Extenso Finance & Transmission, a Fusac expert decentralizes Meyreuil: Bernard Cendrier

The merger and acquisition activity led by the In Extenso accounting group “Finance and Transfer” strengthens its presence in Meyreuil at the foot of Sainte-Victoire. Working in the Paris offices since 2019, Bernard Sendiri decided to join the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region to sponsor the development of the finance and data transmission business.

Bernard Sender, Associate Director of Finance and Transportation who will be based in Merrill. (credit DR)

Bernard ashtray He has twenty years of experience in the Energy, Chemicals, BtoB Services and Education sectors. He also leads the finance courses for the Executive MBA program at EM Lyon. ” I am gladHe said in a press release, To join this dynamic and attractive region in terms of transmission transmissions. The post-Covid period opens new opportunities for companies in sectors such as climate engineering, facilities management for players in energy and construction, but also in the education sector, especially post-baccalaureate where it is necessary to anticipate consolidation movements in specialized sectors. »

Sandrine Redon, a new Dercom from BPMed

Sandrine Redon He has been the new Director of Communications at Banque Populaire Mediterraneo since March. After training in marketing, she joined Société Générale for 11 years during which she traveled through the bank’s branches in Montpellier, Saint Malo, Dinan and Saint-Brieuc.

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In 2003, she joined the Banques Populaires network with banking jobs in Courez, Brive-la-Gillard and Limoges. In 2010 she branched out into development jobs in Limoges and in 2012 she expanded her skills to include communication at Banque Populaire at the Aquitaine Atlantic Center in Bordeaux, where she was Director of External and Corporate Communications for 11 years.

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