40% of the digital inventory is already cookie-free

With the announced removal of third-party cookies, the online advertising industry is struggling with unpredictability. This uncertainty is the result of a combination of legal, technical and even political factors. This makes it very difficult for anyone to predict the future. However, it is not just an ancient world dying before our eyes, but the birth of a new, more respectable one. What awaits marketers and adtech players in Europe? To find out the answer, I asked Katja Hennefeld, President of Benelux and France at Danish adtech Adform, to shed some light on this topic for our readers.

The future of online advertising: 40% of the digital repository is already cookie-free

Adform’s Katja Henfield predicts the birth of a new world of digital advertising

Transparency: This podcast is produced in partnership with Mobile Screen on behalf of Adform, a digital advertising solutions provider. We wrote this a ticket With us Goal usual of independence and of originality.

As Katja Henfield says, “there is a lot of confusion right now” in the ICT world. And all this is not easy for advertisers. “They are confused and wonder, ‘Should I act now or wait for Google to come up with something new? “”.

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Katja Henfield

Technical unpredictability

Many browsers abandoned third-party cookies years ago and keep adding Anti-tracking devices for their programmes.

Chrome also announced the release of The end of cookies for 2023. It’s not a huge surprise to Katja, she told us, but it’s still a challenge for the sector.

In France, 40% of the digital inventory is already cookie-free

“How are we going to keep running the automated ads this industry is used to? We used to rely on third-party cookies for targeting, retargeting, coverage, etc.,” she continued. »

Legal unpredictability

We are currently in a somewhat gray area, where data should be protected but still used. Industry players are waiting for an agreement between the US and Europe, but there is a lot of legal unpredictability.

“In the meantime, marketers have to come to terms with this,” Katya adds.

A new era of permission marketing

Third-party cookies are doomed to die, it’s just a matter of time

“First-party identifiers put power back in the hands of consumers, so this is positive news even if the disappearance of third-party cookies is still a topic of debate in our profession,” Katya said.

“It’s a future without third-party cookies, that’s for sure, but it’s still a very positive. Many of the things you can do with third-party cookies, you can do with these ‘first-party identifiers’ that identify Katja.

“Google may also come up with something new next year,” Katya adds.

turning point for the industry

“Automated ads have been under bad pressure for several years due to data privacy, GDPR and lack of transparency. I think this is a turning point for our industry, and there is hope that we will eventually separate the wheat from the straw,” Katya concluded.

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