Social Networking: How to Develop Your Local Influence?

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by Nathan Reum

Franchisees, increase your visibility on social networks! In his book Explaining Local Digital Marketing for My Florist, expert George Alexander Henein gives all the keys to developing his local influence. explanations.

In recent years, it is imperative to appear on social networks. In his book Explaining Local Digital Marketing for My Florist, George Alexander Henein reveals his tips for franchisees to develop and manage their presence on these communication tools. Lesson 1: We must not skip the stages. To get started, forget about other Instagram, Facebook or TikTok and prefer Google.

First, the franchisor must create a brand page on Google My Business, and then add a Store Locator page for the franchisor’s organization. If the latter is not helped by the network and this Google page does not exist, then he can create it himself. This is necessary, because it is his first show“, George Alexandre Hanin explains.

On this page, notifications, facility opening hours, and any other important information (such as a restaurant menu, for example) should appear. Thus, you will create the number one traffic source and de-facto increase your visibility. Once you create the flow, you have to think about loyalty.This is when you have to go to Instagram or Facebook. Then the franchisor will announce good deals, share news, or even reveal exclusive rights. Of course you have to use beautiful images to attract the consumer. Going even further, it is possible to pay and create sponsored posts“, refers to the expert.

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To help you, many options are available to you. You can keep the agency that accompanies the franchisor or prefer a local agency. However, this process is fraught with risks: you need to carefully read the contract and all clauses. “It is possible to seek help internally, from an employee familiar with social networks, George Alexandre Hanin also presents. See franchisor Can ask customers for help. Bartering is really possible: the customer takes pictures in exchange for a discount or a free meal.”

Likewise, there have been small influencer platforms for a few years that you can “hire” to sponsor social networks. Finally, don’t forget that you can also get personalized training.

In total, about twenty minutes is enough to properly feed Facebook and Instagram accounts. “Two posts per week are enough. One on Tuesday to start the week and one on Thursday to start the weekend, Expert recommend. However, we must not forget about Google. » In fact, it is necessary to respond to all the opinions left on the search engine. An operation that is performed either in real time or during an allotted time.

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