Training in communication professions thanks to EFAP training

The professions of communication, marketing, advertising and media are always in demand by businesses. Digital skills in particular are essential to developing companies’ reputation and their communication or marketing strategies. To train you for these professions, EFAP offers a state-recognised 5-year training course for “Manager of Communications.” This training presents all the keys to learning how to design and manage a communication strategy, but also to manage teams internally and externally.

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Vocational training is available at all levels

Training can be accessed from the baccalaureate level. For students who already have a baccalaureate + 3, it is also possible to join a master’s course directly. In the programme: Marketing, brand content, media strategies, brand identity … Very close to the concrete needs of companies, the master allows training in the different dimensions of communication, advertising, event or digital professions.

Big advantage of EFAP training: Students work on case studies related to well-known communications companies or agencies. Here again, the goal is to be as close as possible to corporate needs. For example, students were able to create and implement communications and crisis management strategies, podcasts, televisions or web series for Toyota, Oxygen Agency, Mama Shelter, or Louvre Lens.

Professional Speakers and Dedicated Support

To ensure teaching is in line with business needs, all speakers are professional. The school has also established partnerships with several events in order to allow students to have professional experiences: Mania Series, World Forum, etc.

EFAP also provides students with a “Corporate Relations” section which aims to support them in their professional project and in their search for an internship, thanks to personal advice. To ensure excellent employability, students must accumulate 2 years of business experience over the course of the entire course.

The school also allows its students to start an entrepreneurial venture from the fourth year, thanks to its partnerships and the support of students who want to embark on this adventure. Another advantage of the course: possibility of a 5th year work-study program on “Communication and Strategic Marketing” and “Digital Marketing and Business”.

By joining EFAP, students also integrate a strong professional network of more than 20,000 alumni. These graduates will be present to offer counselling, master classes, and certificates…

Training in the heart of the city

EFAP students benefit from modern universities in the heart of major cities (Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, New York, etc.) close to agencies, media and businesses. Often cited as a school of reference, EFAP is ranked as the second best communication school in the Eduniversal 2022 ranking.

Open the doors on May 17 to discover the Lille Campus

The fact that it is in Lille, the “European Capital of Culture”, is a huge plus for the students. It is located in the heart of a very attractive region with a rich and dynamic economic fabric.
If you would like to join EFAP at Bac+3 level at the start of the next academic year, EFAP is organizing a Campus Discovery on Tuesday, May 17th at 5pm. To learn more about the admission process, go to this link.

Learn more about EFAP Open Days

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