How to launch an effective SMS marketing campaign? Find out everything!

The SMS Marketing that it Communication strategy Very strong in the commercial sector. It makes it possible to reach targeted people and quickly share information with a wide audience. How to set up an effective SMS marketing campaign? We are evaluating here.

Choose your distribution target wisely

To easily start an SMS campaign, it is important that you do something good targeting Adding value to the messages transmitted. You have to remember French law Dated June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy that characterizes many Spam emails Send any excavation to the address of third parties that have not expressed their prior consent.

In fact, a user who does not expect to receive messages from you can feel the violation of their privacy and can block the exchange channel. So if you want to start a bulk message to your customers, make sure you have a file Guide well stocked while there consent Before. A targeted message is more effective if you know basic information about your customers in order to present them with offers in their area of ​​interest.

Choose the appropriate structure for the message type

Business SMS can be classified into different categories:

  • Promotional SMS
  • SMS Loyalty
  • SMS information;
  • Prospecting for text messages.

Each type of marketing message has its own style of writing. they always shortwritten in simple language and brief. We note in particular the sentence ” call to action Which encourages the reader to make a decision. In general, subtly adding the link to the company’s website is very effective. The information to be conveyed is always at the beginning of the message: it will be scanned with a simple glance and prospects are often in a hurry or busy doing something else.

Choose the perfect time to send SMS

Most people are often nervous at certain times of the day: in the morning when they have to go to work or in the evening when they are tired and go to bed. So it is important to choose the right moment to send your forecast. It is recommended to use the sending of scheduled messages (delayed messages). It will be easier for you to manage these various fine details by assigning your SMS messages to a specialized campaign organization.

Personalize your messages

Customers are flooded with text messages all day long. Make your SMS special by entering a polite phrase or identifying the recipient by their first name. It is important to always submit Exclusive Offers and the cuts Tempting timers.

In addition, a good SMS campaign system in place should allow:

  • To make targeted or bulk unit shipments;
  • to customize the offer to the recipient;
  • to send interactive SMS messages;
  • To be able to stop in case of unsubscribe.

These various features are essential for a successful and beneficial long-term SMS campaign.

SMS Marketing: A Perfect Tool for Customer Relations

One of the main goals of companies and commercial agencies is to survive in touch with their clients. In fact, it is important to be able to inform customers about new products developed, promotions or events organized. With a wide range of potential clients, the idea would be to let them know fairly quickly and efficiently in order to expect a good reaction rate. Today, almost everyone owns a cell phone.

Until you reach your goal, all you have to do is easily launch an SMS campaign with a file SMS campaign management platformwide coverage. Thus, the targeted people will instantly receive personalized private text messages from you. Using SMS marketing has several tactical advantages.

Better guarantee in the recipient’s commitment

In digital marketing, the most important thing is to make sure that you read beforethe target audience. Among the various methods of digital marketing, SMS marketing offers the best confidence. Indeed, unlike social networks and mailboxes, SMS messages are always read by their owners.

Easy and inexpensive campaign setup

Texting is accessible to everyone. Be it small agencies or large companies, running an SMS campaign is very simple. In addition, SMS is relatively short, and network operators and specialized organizations offer packages at very affordable prices.

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