[Entrevue] ‘No Love Ever Wasted’: Zack Zoya’s Second Passing

Having spent the pandemic chomping by throwing songs here and there like so many bottles in the sea of ​​music on the web, Zack Zoya finally pressed the metronome with a suggestion No love was ever lost, the second solo EP, in which he refined his hybrid musical personality of a rapper who sings well and a singer who knows how to sing well. A conversation about the image of a modern pop star and the making of a digital persona with a Quebec musician who aspires to international recognition.

“I’m not going to lie to you, our vision, at the base, was to make a huge record that would break everything and tours in the US and Europe,” admits Zack Zoya, sitting on the listening studio sofa in Universal Music’s bright offices, located on Place D’ Youville, in Old Montreal. “The pandemic has prompted me to revise my approach. It was pointless to release the first big record back then, when it was singles raise expectations. “But beyond the pandemic, there is a reflection behind that of the state of the music industry: it’s better to start releasing songs, because that’s basically what people listen to on music platforms. flow Anyway, people of my generation no longer listen to music the same way. »

He was first recruited by the 7 . home tabletsThe tenth Ciel, the original Roanorandin was not yet 22 years old when he joined the stable of the multinational company, which saw him as a pop star, in a world where rap became the new popular music. The guy sings a lot about love because, unlike 50 Cent and Young Thug who says he grew up with him, he can’t talk about the street and its hardships: “It’s not what I went through, it doesn’t fit the values ​​either.”

“Real singers”

So he sings about love, but he sings it too, and that’s what this new album reveals to us, even better than Domainreleased Fall 2020: Unlike all the other Young Thug Emulators who try their hand at gruesome abstinence, it has a real, barely composed soundAuto adjust. Not a sloppy, disembodied voice like Kid LaRoy’s famous voice, which is sort of the Australian answer to Justin Bieber, no: he has a soul inside of him, Zoya, he’s sweating acoustics strangers at homeThe first eight new songs featured.

“We are part of this generation that has grown up with a voiceAuto adjust ”, a program that allows you to “put” – in real time, even when used at the concert – the voice of a singer on the right key, but its parameters also allow you to adjust the appearance of the sound, as a result of which they learn to sing in a different way, explains Zach Zoya, young singers . Take the piano: it plays a tone, it is harmonious. It is as ifAuto adjust Making the sound “piano”, is always on the right tone, so it focuses on the melodies rather than the character of the voice. Personally, what I care about is exactly Feeling The voice, “he says, acknowledging the influence of R&B stars Usher and Beyoncé,” are true singers.

But while Kid Laroi climbs the ranks of the Billboard 200, Zach Zoya is still tying his sneakers. After two years of composing, recording, and planning, he’s finally getting busy: Charlotte Cardin’s first parts, business meetings in Toronto and Los Angeles, his first concert to be held in the US, and a return to O’Shea this summer. The big tweak that will break it all will come one day: “I already have an idea of ​​what my album and career are like. For now, I’m still exploring.” This is evidenced by the mix of genres on his album, with modern R&B-pop music playing feelings And the My ex girl friend (Very well, that!), The most classic rap understand frank pop start againProduced by Benny Adam. “I try a lot of musical directions, but I also listen to the audience to see what they like.”

“Picture issue”

His team convinced him: Zach has the songs, the right collaborators (Ruffsound, Billboard, friends Yuki and Soran, among others), you just have to work to make it heard. Thus, “character development is more important than the music itself, although music is the backbone of the project,” says Zoya. Gamesuccess in the industry is largely a matter of image,” and we want to answer that, next to him, Kid Laroy looks like a louse.

If appearance had anything to do with success, Zoya had previously won, but of course not everything is so simple, hence the text messages that the musician constantly receives from his digital marketing strategy. “Every day, he gives me a list of things I can do to publish On Instagram and TikTok… The importance of being on the social and personal networks we show on TikTok. It might just be a premise, but I think we’re entering the age of virtual identity: all that, social networking, is more than just a path to success, it’s a need. Before, you visited radio stations to boost your career; Today, you have to put content on social networks. »

No love was ever lost

Zack Zoya, Seventh Heaven Records / Universal Music Canada

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