Why SU Agen switches to NFT, the digital Panini card

“There were many meetings in the club with Thomas, Mark, the players and managers from Agenais. The project Agurina, it’s an innovative and fun technology »

Are you still here? Ok do not worry. SU Agen also needed some explanation before it became the fourth French club to venture into the NFT adventure (with Stade Français, Section Paloise and Aviron Bayonnais). For example by receiving “many times” the men behind FanLiveCards, a trio of former athletes made up of Alan Roche, Thomas and Mark Livemont. So, NFTs, quesaco? These are images, found only on the Internet which, once purchased, are your exclusive property, secured by a computer code, a kind of digital certificate of authenticity. Let’s leave the Agenais Club’s marketing director, Pépito Elhorga, translating to laymen: “These are like ‘Panini’ cards in digital form.”

Stock market and auctions

“There have been numerous meetings in the club with Thomas, Marc, players and managers from Agenais, the former international full-back continues. We were attracted by the project, it is an innovative and fun technology. We have signed a contract with the company that promotes the image of our players, and in return a small percentage is paid to the club and the players. In addition to the financial aspect, SUA is fully entering the digital world, diversifying its sources of income and intends to search for new audiences. “The FanLiveCards platform will allow our fans to develop links with players and strengthen their association with SUA,” said President Jean-François Fonteno.

So two questions. First, how do you buy these SUA stamped NFTs? Very simple, you have to go to the FanLiveCards website, choose your player card and make an offer. The highest wins the bet and the card. Then you have to ask yourself, what is its purpose? Once again very simple (and potentially profitable), the owner of an NFT will be able to see its value evolve according to the player’s performance. And resell it if the added value is interesting. Like “Panini”, not all cards have the same value, from the single “black” version which is necessarily more expensive, to the more common and affordable “silver”.

You will need to bid over €7 to get the Loris Tolot Card.


Who has the rating?

On the stock exchange today, the most rated Agenais is a former member of the house, second line Gauthier Maravat who will join Castres (top 14). His “black” card was shown for 50 euros, the highest value out of a hundred registered players held by the Balois division team, Remy Seneca (80 euros). Other Agenais that netizens have bet on are Clément Martinez, Théo Idjellidaine, Matthieu Bonnet (€13), Florent Guion, Zak Farrance or Raphaël Lagarde (€7). And if the next season is successful, the value can increase. Shall we bet?

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