Surprise ! Devolver’s Marketing Countdown Was A Marketing Countdown

. annual press conference Developer He freed himself from the stifling contingencies of an unfortunately cold industry by stuffing the 30-minute countdown with crazy storytelling mixed with amazing game ads. Huge media frenzy the competition is sure to have a hard time recovering from, relegated to the role of opponent Sisyphus simply good for wearing the same m’as-tu-vu ad nauseam. It’s hard to see how future digital marketing events will be able to recover from such a lesson in boldness. A real master class (giving strength to the network brothers).

There were also some announcements for the games, so what do you actors want? Pregnancy worship will come out August 11 It now offers a playable demo on Steam. rage ball It also has a demo on Steam, which is fairly good news, which you’ll easily agree to. skate story And the The Blacky Square You don’t have a demo, but you do have some great trailers that you can watch frequently if you want to. And if not, then you know it shark card Was it available?

In great indulgence, Devolver agrees to give you some extra crumbs below on their catalog of the most amazing video games since SEGA Saturn. The most impatient will go straight to

Pregnancy worship | huge monster | August 11, 2022 | PC, Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox S/X, XB1
Start your sect in a land inhabited by false prophets. To build your loyal community of jungle-worshippers, and spread the good word in order to establish yourself as a higher idol, you’ll have to venture into shady and dangerous corners to discover the most suspicious brood. Expected release on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox August 11th.

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Anger Ball | free life | 2023 | the computer
rage ball Puts a big kick in the anthill of exciting action game: traverse the frenetic shit city to drive out a group of ruthless gangsters from this caffeinated city.

Get your kicks to take out the colorful ranks of anthropomorphic enemies in slums, sewers, and skyscrapers with weapons, sneakers, and other new powers that you’ll unlock as you progress. The possibilities are as ridiculous as they are fascinating: All you’ll leave behind is a smoldering pile of broken doors, broken bones, and the corpses of energy drink cans. Boom, watermelon.

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Ski story | Sam Ang | 2023 | the computer
You are the demon of the underworld, made of glass and pain. The devil has given you a skateboard and a simple task if you want to get your freedom back: go to the moon and swallow it up.

Chain firsts, kicks and other grinds through the dusty and smoky lands of the underworld in this amazing and nearly impossible quest. Roll hard to destroy demons and save the tormenting lives of your fellow creatures on this incredible introductory journey into the skateboarding skies. It is very elegant.

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The Blacky Square | All possible futures contracts | 2023 | PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox S/X
The Blacky Square It follows the adventures of Gott and his friends, tale characters who discover the existence of a 3D world outside the pages of their book. When the infamous Humgrump realizes he is the villain of the story, and is destined to lose his tireless battle against the forces of good, he expels Jot from the book to permanently change the outcome of the story.

Navigate between 2D and 3D worlds in this exciting adventure game: puzzles to solve, badgers to fight, jet-flying and many other fun activities are waiting for you in this lively story of which you are the hero.

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