Leading E-Commerce Cosmetics Expert

Skills that justify being a CEO at the world’s leading cosmetic company, along with a long-term vision to anticipate the digital transformation of the sector. Here’s how to sum up the profile of Laurent Dubois, former General Manager for Europe at L’Oréal Professional Products. A look back into the career of a French e-commerce pioneer in the beauty market.

Rapid and continuous career progression

Sky is the limit! This quote sticks well to the complexion of Laurent Dubois, who knew how to climb the ladder during the thirty years to take up positions of high responsibility at cosmetic giant L’Oréal. Let’s go back in time to 1990, when the guy was working at VSNE in Air Liquide, Copenhagen. That year, he met the director of L’Oreal Denmark, who advised him to send his resume. The story has been released.

He became the Marketing Director of Gemey-Maybelline at the age of 29 and the Director of Garnier Belgium at the age of 31 (1995). In 2000, he headed the companies Garnier and Gemey-Maybelline France for 5 years. After 8 years, Laurent Dubois took the position of General Director of France for the professional division of the L’Oréal Group. Subsequently, he headed this same department for Eastern Europe and then Western Europe. His constant career advancement allows him to gain dual experience in marketing as well as in business, rubbing his shoulders with a diverse group of talents around the world.

Pioneering Innovator in Digital Transformation

From 2005 to 2008, the former president of Garnier had the opportunity to lead the Club des Créateurs de Beauté. This innovative company has transformed mail order (VPC) selling with its leadership in selling cosmetics online. In fact, while e-commerce was in its infancy, Laurent Dubois realized that the traditional catalog model was going to disappear.

No matter, he quickly understood the challenge of positioning himself in e-commerce: “Today, it is an established and obvious fact that almost any product can be sold on the Internet. But in 2005 it was not at all easy. Capturing what starts,” we quickly built one of the premiere e-commerce sites, explains Laurent Dubois. The goal: to reach 50% of the turnover online. A successful bet in just 3 years.

This year, Laurent Dubois embarked on a new, large-scale venture by launching, with his two partners (Christoph Schmutz and Frédéric Espinosa), a consulting firm PBC (Professional Beauty Consulting), specializing in creating value for investors who want to invest in the nuggets of the cosmetics sector, and for players Beauticians who want to evolve.

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