EOLAS: a “carbon sink” data center

Founded in 1995, Eolas is France’s leading Internet company, headquartered in Grenoble, and became a subsidiary of Business Decision (Orange Group) four years ago. The company, which employs 200 people (including 170 in Grenoble), published last year, 19 million euros in turnover, almost equally distributed among its two companies: digital and residential.

“We have two main digital activities: app creation and digital marketing, Director Frederic Dulac explains. In these areas, we count many skills, since we have developed simultaneously with the development of the Internet. We have learned to respond to different new needs.”

Previous Alstom site

The Grenoble based company is also innovative as a host. The data center – installed in 2008 to meet the needs of Eolas – has finally made it possible to develop new business, and is even one of the first “green data centers” in Europe.

The issue of energy consumption in digital technology appeared only very late: 2005 in the United States, and 2008 in Europe, with virtualization and the spread of data. We measure PUE (Energy Efficiency), and reduce the power needed to run it, with perfectly logical gestures: raising the temperature by 20° to 25°C, and limiting spaces that should remain cooler than others… We were able to do it because we were in Grenoble We contacted Schneider Electric. Moreover, we did not construct the building, but we are reusing an old Alstom site. Finally, we’ve got PV installations, we’ve signed up for the green electricity show, and we’re cooling data centers thanks to water pumped from groundwater because we’re on the edge of the drake. So our data center is a carbon sink.”

A tool for digital sovereignty

The Eolas data center was built in three phases, with an initial investment of €10 million, and was recently expanded (€1.2 million) by an entire floor.

“It is clear that security is important, both in construction and in data management. We have ISO 27001 certification, and certification for health data management. But, in general, this equipment is an asset for the entire city of Grenoble for a long time. It is a tool that serves digital sovereignty. It is a door.” A place to exchange and manage digital and economic flows.”

Eolas, which carries out 30% of its activity in the regions, expects to employ about forty people this year, half of whom will create jobs.

Caroline Tarmoz-Leaudi

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