6 trends in marketing and digital worth a detour!

On June 15, Infopresse Training welcomes you to the second face-to-face conference of the season! A small short story perfectly in tune with the times and its title digital marketing trends. The past two years have changed consumer behavior dramatically. At the end of this health crisis, what do you expect from customers? How do you adapt to his needs? Data processing, metaverseCustomer experience is just some of the topics that will be developed.

The Digital Marketing Trends Conference will be held at the Arts & Technology Association

To prepare for this conference, Gabriela Sinclair-Desgagné, Head of Content and Training at Formation Infopresse, conducted a study to target the new core trends. “Because the Infopresse Training Network is made up of several experts, we sought to understand what some of them think about the trends guiding their field or industry, particularly in the digital sphere. Gabriela Sinclair-Desgagné’s report identifies the main thematic areas. Let’s take a look at some of them.

2 Marketing and Communication Trends

1. Get to know your consumer

“In 2022, how do you stand out in a sea of ​​brands?” Gabriela Sinclaire-Desgagné explains, with detailed knowledge of consumer, human and influencer content as well as an ethical and responsible business model. According to Harvard Business Review, managers must bring customers back to life for internal teams This has been shown to translate into greater engagement, which creates bold innovation and leads to faster and sustainable growth. To do this, we must first talk about specific customers rather than “total customers.” Each decision should be accompanied by the question “What is the impact of that decision?” On my client?”

Consumers need luxury. The Storytelling And trends in content marketing can help meet this need. No wonder Bell’s latest mental health campaign broke records. This year, Bell Let’s Talk Day 2022 set a new mental health record in Canada with more than 160 million letters of support. Also joining the conversation were heads of state and influencers from Canada and around the world, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Celine Dion.

2. The power of longing

“We also note that consumers are increasingly appreciating the history and experiences of brands. Gucci’s centenary campaign paid homage to the history of the brand and its impact on pop culture. It showcased an exclusive collection of items reminiscent of the brand’s fashion century. Gucci launched the 100 Popup Stores, as well as Spotify and Apple playlists to honor the brand’s enduring aesthetic. Thus, it has relied on its heritage and extended the life cycle of its products.

4 digital directions

1. Big changes

Although digital technology is no longer in its infancy, customers are more than ever demanding for customization, automation, and the customer journey. They are essential to the success of organizations. why? It is clear that the pandemic has dramatically accelerated consumption and digital transformation around the world.

2. Multiple channels

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically in the last two years of the pandemic. Online purchases in this period have experienced growth equivalent to the last ten years of e-commerce,” explains Stefan Grunenwald, senior consulting director at Business Consulting CGI. “The goal is to offer journeys that no longer Linear, regardless of the channel used. People use a large number of channels, and they have high expectations in their interaction with each channel. 67% of customers buy after they’ve been on different channels, talking about “trade anywhere”. »

3. Celine and Instagram

On this note, last year Instagram launched a campaign around the “in-app” purchase functionality. In the video, singer Celine Dion browses a hand-picked selection of clothes and accessories that users can buy directly from Instagram. Among the 18 brands on display, there were such names as Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Oscar De La Renta and Michael Kors. The video with Celine Dion was completely “shoppable”, as far as it was posted, the video had a shopping cart icon in the bottom left that opened up a list of products users could purchase. directly on Instagram.

4. Cryptocurrency

We should also keep an eye on cryptocurrencies and NFTs that are growing exponentially. According to a recent research report published by MarketsandMarkets, the size of the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow from 1.6 billion USD in 2021 to 2.2 billion USD by 2026. On the business side, an increasing number of companies around the world are using Bitcoin and others. Digital assets for a range of investments, operations, and transactions. A Deloitte study counted more than 2,300 US companies accepting cryptocurrency by the end of 2020.

Get the best digital marketing practices at the all-new Digital Marketing Trends in the Arts and Technology Community Conference. Be inspired by experts from organizations looking for the latest trends: Sobeys, Poudre Noire, Adviso, BIXI Montreal, Desjardins, Robic Avocats, Valtech, Groupe DAC and Deloitte.

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