Time and time again the best photo bank on the market

Shutterstock is probably the most popular and popular image bank on the internet. And for good reason: Shutterstock not only serves as an XXL image library, but aggregates at least 257 million royalty-free photos, videos, and music. A true all-in-one device Which will inevitably appeal to professionals with diverse and diverse needs.

The catalog is particularly popular with press publishers and editorial websites stock struggle Particularly known to provide a large number of Character Pictures. You will also find a large number of illustrations and a very large number of vector images.

Shutterstock: plans and prices

If the online catalog consultation is indeed free, download and removal of the watermark covering images are subject to unit purchase or subscription subscription.
stock struggle Being well aware that the needs differ from one user to another, the online photo bank takes care of providing several formats that are adapted to each user.
Note, however, that Shutterstock makes a distinction between stock photography and editorial photography. (news photo, selfie, etc.), which are governed by specific prices.

Prepaid Photo Packs

  • 5 Photos over 12 months old: €49 (€9.80 per photo)
  • 25 Photos over 12 months old: €179 (€7.16 per photo)

These packages actually represent a kind of “credit” that you can use to get, for one year, 5 or 25 stock photos of your choice in the catalog.

individual packages

  • 10 Photos/month: 49€/month (4.90€ per photo) or 29€/month as an annual payment (2.90€ per photo)
  • 50 Photos / month: 125 € / month (2.50 € per photo) or 99 € / month as an annual payment (1.98 € per photo)
  • three hundred fifty Photos / month: 159 € / month (0.45 € per photo) or 129 € / month as an annual payment (0.37 € per photo)
  • 750 Photos/month: 199€/month (0.27€ per photo) or 159€/month as an annual payment (0.21€ per photo)

screenshot 2019-05-16 à  10.57.22.png

More economical, these individual packages also have Shutterstock Pro . Editor, a feature to edit and annotate images of your choice directly from the catalog. Shutterstock estimated annual value of 120 euros.
However, you will have understood: Shutterstock limits these individual plans to only one user. Not very practical in the case of working in an agency or in cooperation. Image Bank also provides its clients with specific formats that are customized for teams and companies.

Team formulas

  • 2 users for 750 Photos per month: € 379 / month
  • 3 users for 750 Photos per month: 479 euros / month
  • 4 users and more for 750 Photos by me: from 579 € / month

Regarding custom formulas for companies finally, you will have to request a custom quote on the dedicated site.

Finally, this applies to all the formulas shown here: Unused downloads are not carried over to the next month.

Shutterstock Terms of Use

As we discussed in the preface, having a royalty-free image does not exempt you from certain usage rules.
on me stock struggle, they are rather simple, and are indicated directly on the page dedicated to each image. It should be noted that royalty-free images hosted on stock struggle Divided into two categories:

  • Pictures are for editorial use only
  • Stored images that can be used for editing or commercial use

Pictures stored in a file first category It is clearly identified as such, not Absolutely can not be used for commercial purposes. These are, for example, photos of characters climbing the steps of the Cannes Film Festival ladder, or photos of a high-tech product that is making the news. Note, however, that Shutterstock volunteers ask you for the photographer’s permission to use their shot for commercial purposes, without the requirement to accept it.

photo second class, on the other hand, is suitable for all uses, unless expressly stated otherwise on the dedicated page. Shutterstock remember though The need for artist and image bank approval during editorial use The photos are in its catalog.

Use and print online

In the good online photo bank, stock struggle It is clear that he is allowed to use the images he hosts on the websites. It is also allowed to be printed on paper.
The Shutterstock Standard License Printing of downloaded photos is allowed up to 500,000 copies and statutory compensation of up to $10,000 per duplicate photo without permission.

Shutterstock also provides its customers with a license moreAvailable with purchase of a photo package. Significantly increased package price (2 photos: €199 / 5 photos: €449/25 photos: €1,699), also allows for an unlimited number of prints and compensation of up to $250,000 in case of illegal reproduction of an image being used.

Clubic.com He uses (and recommends) the image bank Shutterstock to illustrate his posts.

Screenshot 2019-05-16 a & amp;  #768;  11.00.14.png

shutterstock: your club’s opinion

photo bank stock struggle It has a good reputation and its catalog is very generous, both in terms of character portraits and pictograms. Prices shown are also among The most competitive in the market.
We value Shutterstock very much for its “all-in-one” little side which means we can find out there as many Pictures and the Videos Just piece of music (Extra costs expected).
Especially clear in terms of terms of use, Shutterstock is the obvious choice, which will satisfy the vast majority of needs in terms of royalty-free images.

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