Gaia-X: Is the European sovereign cloud project in danger of collapse?

The European sovereign cloud project is increasingly criticized for its lack of consistency. The presence of non-European players in Gaia-X casts doubt on the feasibility of this initiative launched by Germany and France in 2020.

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European cloud in European data service

On June 4, 2020, the Gaia-X project was officially launched in Paris at the Ministry of Economy. The goal: to develop a continental cloud infrastructure and allow European companies to regain control of their data.

The main challenge because the cloud computing market is largely dominated by players from North America and China (Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google).

Led by France and Germany in its early days, the project initially received support from 22 companies (11 French and 11 German): Atos, EDF, Dassault Systèmes, OVH, Scaleway (Iliad), Orange, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens …

On the players side of digital trust we find for example Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste that “naturally positioned itself in meeting these new challenges of the cloud by becoming a founding member of Gaia-X. Docaposte’s position is to provide Gaia -X with a series of trusted solutions that ensure compliance with the principles of confidentiality, security and transparency in the use of customer data.”

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Gaia-X: 10% of non-European members

Since then, Gaia-X has more than 300 members, including many Germans and French who form its backbone. These are private companies, of course, but they are also public scientific institutions such as the Institute of Mines-Telecom or the Sorbonne. Thus, these newcomers can be good news….

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