BDfugue wants to keep readers with Bubbles

In 2015, a satisfaction survey put a flea in our ears: Internet user customers indicate a human commitment on the part of online sellers, to create a link that a digital number doesn’t really help create.“,” details Thomas Jacquart, founder of, to ActuaLitté. “ Solidifying this relationship is called a loyalty program in marketing, but to keep the BDfugue spirit alive, we needed a note of who we were.. Which is why the project took so long to get organized.

Our customer database is quite large, with two notes: The percentage of readers who came at once is large, despite the great satisfaction with our service In short, internet users place orders when it suits them, without feeling compelled to go back: a classic trend in e-commerce that, of course, should be reversed once we have the right tools.

bubbles All coins found

The idea raised quickly will be of interest to users, especially experts and enthusiasts. Leave to pique their interest in the meaning Financial issues From the term: We imagined a model to manipulate levels that could be exceeded,transcriber to me influential critic. Thus, we offer customers who have purchased a comic strip on the site to publish their 40-word facts on our site, and see their approach rewarded. »

The historical record will result in 30 bubbles, the local currency that has nothing to do with crypto. A way to navigate the world of the ninth art, with a wink and to establish an interaction as much as it is a participatory process.

Users will accumulatebubbles – You can also get coupons – to buy new albums in the future ‘ continues Thomas Jaquardt. And for good reason: bubblesCurrently not accepted in businesses other than BDfugue. However, extending the software to physical libraries will not take long – some small details still have to be ironed out to do so.

By feeding the pages of our site, while rewarding us for doing so, we want to engage customers in building a community, on the one hand, and improving our site, to become somewhat of their own.» Intelligent analytics and relevant feedback, all with a technological dimension to improve global references: the solution becomes a win-win for all.

On the one hand, to make more personal, by opening this investment, on the other hand, to thank our users for investing in it » concludes the person responsible for the site.


The following is more traditional, but no less interesting: sponsored links will be generated, less in SEO logic than in global view logic. And even if it means playing on a societal dimension, we’re delving again into a mini RPG: “We patronize, so we’ve expanded the family of comic book fans gathered around » family upfamilywhen referring to titles awarded with increased sponsorship:A gift from the MangphorisorGodfather of the Ninth Art. Imagine what would happenEl Padrino CaricatureAnd so on.

Concretely, we donate 5% – which remains the authorized legal discount on the sale of books – for any purchase made by a child from the sponsor’s link. Payment is made, again, inbubbles: This maintains a supposed vice for caricatureThomas Jaquardt laughs.

subordinatebubblesand morebubbleswhich is enough to turn the heads of some who watch this model with a suspicious eye: nevertheless, compliance with Lang’s law can be read from beginning to end, the reasoning far from being economic depends primarily on “Build a stronger relationship. Or at least we take the hopefully crucial first step, while we wait for the next steps. Always in order to make the site a space on the image of our libraries: the places where we are a little at home.»

However, it is forbidden to put his feet on the table without taking off his shoes. The program is presented here

Image credits: BDfugue Café Annecy

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