With Boost My Mail, your employees are your best brand ambassadors

Explosion of influencers It reveals the need for brands to use influencer marketing to gain visibility and notoriety.

Influencers are everywhere on social media and blogs. When we say influencers, we think of outsiders to talk about our brand. While on the inside, our employees are real nuggets to give confidence in your brand.

Discover the advice of Carol Minert, Director of Marketing at postal promotionAn innovative communication solution on employee emails. In this article, she gives you basic tips to give strength to your brand, and Turn your employees into influencers.

1. Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

In their communications, brands highlight the desire for transparency, dialogue with communities, and sharing of common values. Even if advertising in its classic form is still around, companies are talking more by urging their users and influencers to reveal themselves in a more realistic way.

let’s find out What is influencer marketing?How it works, its benefits and how to incorporate it into your communications!

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing It is the set of tactics that recommender tends to use. It’s the real ability to bring your brand to life with a file Influencers and ambassadors. In its early days, influencer marketing mainly targeted active members of the community and influencer bloggers, even before social networks took over digital communications.

Today, online marketing and communication also depend on this lever, the power of influence and dynamism. Social networks are places of expression, sharing and observation, where storytelling is king.

Influencer marketing goal

The goal is Make your brand visible and engaging the community around it. Quite simply, to make her love her. center influencer. Thanks to it, companies can significantly increase their sales, by focusing on recommendation, visibility and outreach. Within your organization, some of your employees can also be brand ambassadors and interact on networks.

In short, be active! On your pages, friendly content like business life, providing value-added information and relaying articles can be a good way to get you appreciated.

Your employees can become brand ambassadors on social networksbut also on other channels. The most important channel is emailand in particular the e-mails of your collaborators.

Email is the primary communication channel of the company as more than 75 emails are exchanged every day for each employee.

Email is also the most popular because it is the least intrusive. We know that choosing to follow an influencer depends above all on the trust we give him, and in this, your collaborators are your best ambassadors.

2. Emails from your employees, an asset to successful influencer marketing

Emails of your collaborators It is an asset for communicating about your brand. The striking force is very strong. In fact, influencers on social networks and blogs are growing, so it becomes important to multiply channels and types of influencers to stand out. In addition, you benefit from the inner human wealth, without the slightest effort on their part.

Boost My Mail حل solution

Boost My Mail, is a file Innovative management solution for email signatures of your employees. Thanks to it, you can take out influencers within your company. The solution offers a very simple interface, which speeds up the performance of digital marketing and increases trust in your brand.

A clearly visible brand image is the brand image that your ecosystem remembers well, i.e. your goals, prospects, customers, etc. For this, your marketing teams must control their distribution.

Email signature benefits

The Email signature It is rarely used. However, this space in emails increases the visibility of your branding and marketing actions. In a company with about 100 employees, email signatures and campaigns will be viewed on average 3,600 times a day.

Customize your email signature With a very effective news banner. Carried by your collaborators who are already known to their recipients, it gives a personalized face to your brand, and enhances the trust given to it. It should flow naturally into the email body, highlighting both the email content and the advertisement.

It can highlight different topics or communication media: your website, one of your white papers, your next event, your latest article, your newsletter, your news, etc. Providing easy-to-download content will allow you to collect data and learn more about your leads.

concretely, Email signature is the lever of web marketing, at the service of your influencer marketing strategy. Here are the main advantages:

    • Promoting your business is humane and united. It is carried by a trusted person, one of your employees.
    • A clickable banner increases traffic to your website.
    • Your employee’s photo makes the relationship with the customer via email more friendly.
    • Social media buttons grow your networking communities.
    • The banner allows news to be targeted and broadcast regularly.

If you have a certificate or are a member of a network, displaying it on your email signature is the ideal option. This builds on your experience, and develops your notoriety (awards, marks, etc.). You can also add other CTA buttons for your email signature: Appointment, Teams Appointment, etc.

3. Boost My Mail, simple and innovative interface

Email is the company’s primary communication channel., with an average of 36 emails received each day per employee, excluding advertisements and spam. It’s a safe bet for information* (61% of the opening reasons). The four basic elements of opening emails are:

object importance,
know the sender,
Confidence in the sender
👍 Personalize the object

From all aspects , Emails of your collaborators They meet the above criteria, when they are often overlooked.

Ambassadors, boost my mailWith Boost My Mail and from a selection of email signature templates, The main user creates the company signature in just a few clicks. He spreads it centrally in a few minutes on his employees’ emails. The experience is smooth and simple. The user experience of the tool, especially well thought out, does not spoil anything.

We especially appreciate your dashboard or dashboard, which allows you to see your campaigns (and thus how effective they are). But also on the templates on offer, which allow them to quickly broadcast great campaigns.

to try the solution, 14 days are given to create your own email signature template And to create a campaign, click here.

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Boost My Mail, simple and innovative interface

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