“The platform wants to meet the real needs of companies” (Cyril Zimmerman)

When I moved to Marseille in 2019, La Platform arrived with a model and a promise: to develop courses useful for locally established companies, and thus to the territory, by opening courses free of charge to profiles – often young people – who find themselves excluded from a regular course of study. to obtain a degree. With the choice being made by criteria other than those of certification, specifically.

The digital marketing market is not mature enough

A different approach depends largely on the links formed with large groups, ETIs and SMEs, in particular the Top20 club which brings together companies with a turnover of more than 100 million euros and which are, both locomotives and somewhat representative for the identification of needs. Top20 who becomes a co-founder.

Aix-Marseille has abilities but faces obstacles, one of which is the recruitment of talent.

The first courses are related to, for example, web coding, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Affinity with Oregami is fully consistent with this reasoning. ” We have identified the difficulty of recruiting digital marketing specialist profiles and the huge needs that stem from different structures, whether in an advertiser or an agency for example. Obviously, on Earth, digital marketing maturity has not yet been reached Cyril Zimmerman, founder and president of La Platform, explains. However, the online advertising market generated an investment of 7.7 billion euros in 2021, a growth of 24% in one year, all driven by the acceleration of digitization.

Gathering to do things quickly and well

So it is a 3-month course accompanied by a 12-month work-study set up at La Platform with its first promotion, since May. A second promotion is scheduled for September, then on a quarterly basis.

And this affinity with Oregami is a way to go quickly and well. Founded in 2018, also working on a free model, the academy and its founder, Jan Gabay, had already crossed paths with Cyril Zimmerman. ” It does not seem appropriate for us to reinvent what already exists. With Oregami, we share costs and revenue “.The aggregation principle set to repeat itself? Cyril Zimmerman didn’t say no.” The platform can organize, co-organize or incubate the training “.The goal is to provide training that complements each other. As long as we meet the needs of the business, the response should be as quick and efficient as possible.”

An affinity and a modus operandi that can contribute to giving substance to the Plan of Marseille en Grand, at least in philosophy? Again, Cyril Zimmerman didn’t say no. ” The platform participates in Plan Marseille en Grand via Carrefour de l’entrepreneurship “, but ” Affinity with Oregami is one of them, in spirit even if it’s not an order of state “.

Citizens input, upstream and downstream

More broadly, meeting needs is a task that goes beyond just meeting a business. Because the platform is also invited to offer expertise and training, therefore, to those who feel excluded from the digital world. This upstream is as much as downstream. Upstream, by raising awareness of the first steps of digitization, which also includes the feminization of technical professions, which requires doing so early enough to “unlock the installed brakes very quickly”. downstream, by providing basic but useful knowledge to any citizen, far from digital, of the needs of everyday life. A banking institution could also have expressed interest in this point.

Icade, a partner for future campus building

The platform that continues, in parallel, the creation of its campus. Planned to be created in the vicinity of Euroméditerranée 2, on an area of ​​more than 25,000 square metres, this third urban space as it defines itself, aims to be a link between the world of training, the world of culture and the world of company, by opening up to the welcoming residents of the city. Probably the best way to break all the locks, conscious and unconscious. Icade has been selected to be the partner in the actual construction of the venue, and the building permit is set to become effective at the end of July. Last June, the platform announced a goal to train 3,000 students by 2026.