Organic cosmetics brand Cultiv wants to crack the codes on TikTok

How to dig on TikTok When is a young brand dependent on vegetables and grains? Cultiv (InVivo) chose the effect. For the brand, which is celebrating its two-year anniversary in 2022, this is the “first time, on TikTok” that the content creator has been asked to “become a brand ambassador for organic cosmetics”. And so Cultiv turned into Maddy’s Healthy, TikTokeuse with 1.3 million subscribers on the platform. “Loved Maddy’s Joie de vivre”comments Marie Mora, Influence Project Manager at Bolt Influence, an influence agency specializing in emerging networks (TikTok, Twitch, and Pinterest).

Ambassador role? Giving Brand a Boost on TikTok – Cultiv debuted on the social platform through this partnership. But, above all, it is Allowing access, online, to a young audience…and it’s none other than Maddy’s Healthy Community. For the creator, who is more of a fan of “traditional” cosmetics, it also presents a double challenge: introducing the products to their community and getting started. Transition to a more ethical consumption pattern. “I loved the brand’s values ​​which in every way match what I was looking for after two years of using cosmeticsMaddy explains. This partnership with Cultiv makes me want to take a more responsible direction in choosing the products I use for my skin,” Influencer continues.

Choosing a creator brand “in transition” owes nothing to chance: “We didn’t want someone who was an organic expert, Lauren Lachaud, Cultiv’s Director of Marketing shares. we wish, On the contrary, a creator who can help us with that Advance dismantling on our products And to deliver the message that organic cosmetics are affordable… and effective.”

“Medium-Term” Partnership

From the first exchanges between the brand and its ambassador, Maddie said to herself Seriously packed I am curious to discover organic care and made in France With amazing ingredients (melon, beets or flax in particular). What is confusing subscribers of his TikTok account? “No wayslips from the influencer. The content I’ve produced for this partnership with Cultiv is consistent with the “seller/buyer” concept I created on the platform that my community is used to seeing.” From March to September (excluding August), the creator, powered by her agency Bolt Influence, And thus produces “Tik Tok” per month, “Converted”to highlight Cultiv products – which is interspersed with a story on Instagram.

Maddy’s Healthy is also hosting live shows to introduce their selection of their “inside and out” routines – a selection of products that have effects both inside the body (glues) and outside (creams and masks, in particular), including a first on June 7, 2022.

On June 9, Cultiv and Maddy’s Healthy are also organizing a floral lunch in the heart of Paris – on the rooftop, rue de la Grande Armée – to present products and reveal to some of the Maddy community representatives, influencers, and more, behind the scenes of the campaign. “This physical event supports the sincerity of the approach taken together at the digital level,” Cultiv’s Marketing Director, who believes in the importance of a medium-term partnership for greater consistency, asserts: “We didn’t want a single shot with an influencer handing out a promo code. We also hope to extend this partnership by launching our new Maddy pack in September.” Thus, the brand seeks to gain notoriety on a digital level, as it is sold more in stores (pharmacies in Monoprix and Nocibé, organic stores such as Bio & Co …). And he’s already seeing, halfway through, real effects on web requests after a TikTok post from the influencer.

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