How to make more artistic gif in email with cinemagraph

When your inbox is filled with newsletters from various brands, services, products, etc., the word to remember for greater efficiency is: Excellence.

The message is important, but also by distinguishing yourself graphically and technically from other emails you will grab the recipient’s attention.

And how do we do it? For example, by merging animated media, such as gif images or videos. Furthermore, several studies have shown that email with animated content generates 25% more clicks than non-animated email. Enough to make you want to give life to your emails!

A gif inside an email is a fairly common practice. Used to present several products in the same space, to trigger a call-to-action, to a visual presentation and then a cascading message, gif offers various uses, and continues to evolve.

So let’s talk today about cinemagraphs, this modern trend of the motion picture – created by a photographer and animator – increasingly used in commercial emails.

Carolyn Gilman, Web Designer at Altima °

Carolyn Gilman, Web Designer at Altima °

Cinema, I say!

At first glance, you might think some movies are pictures, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that these come to life.

The principle is to animate one or more elements of the image, but not too much! In contrast to the “basic” motion picture where all the elements move, cinema animation is much more subtle and precise. Then the image is dressed up in hair and becomes more attractive, and sometimes even captivating (hence the other name of cinemagraph: “artistic gif”!).

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Technically, it is actually a set of a series of images where only small parts of the image are selected and grouped in order to create an animation. We are then halfway between image, video and motion picture that, through its evolution, brings to the image a new breath.

Cinemagraph in email

As mentioned earlier, incorporating animated content into emails helps to get more of your target’s attention, thus encouraging clicks. Thus cinema, with its modern artistic side, has become a way to give a new dimension to your email communications and differentiate yourself, but be sure to keep the following elements in mind:

  • Not exceed 200k to improve gif display on both computers but also tablets and smartphones. To do this, be careful not to create animations that are too busy with colors and shades and without too many frames
  • Insert a gif at the top of the email to grab attention as quickly as possible when opening the email
  • If the gif is not read (as in Outlook Desktop Windows), make sure the first image of the gif is clear enough and if the message is transmitted via the gif, it is understandable from the first frame because that’s what will appear in the email.

Thus, today’s motion picture presents us with new possibilities that it would be unfortunate to deny oneself oneself. So take a gif, add a touch of creativity, a hint of poetry and add more life to your emails!

Author: Caroline Gilmanweb designer at Altima °

Incorporating animated media, such as moving images or videos, into emails helps develop attention and individuality.  Cinemagraph case.


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