▷ 5 New Keyword Placement Trackers You Can’t Miss in 2022

In this article, let’s discover together the new tools to try to develop your natural references in 2022! Let’s Begin…

Local Ranker

Localranker is the number one tool for monitoring local Google sites in France.

If you are looking for a refreshing tool for Track the position of your keywordsLocalRanker is one of the alternatives you can choose from.

In fact, it allows you to know a file Positioning of your local keywords Compare your competitors on one or more lists at a time.

All you have to do is enter the list of geotagged keywords that you have targeted.

The platform is responsible for analyzing them and highlighting your rankings on:

  • The Google ;
  • Google Maps;
  • local package.

You then have real-time knowledge of your local SEO keyword position. Unlike other tools, it is a file Local SEO Solution.

This is also the reason why it bears this name.

The SEO location will be tracked at the level of your region or city with reference to Google Maps. It is very specific.

The solution is ideal if you have a network of organizations because it is not easy to keep track of all your keywords on several cards at the same time and on several platforms.

Additionally, with LocalRanker, you have the option to get keyword suggestions and improve your local SEO with a Google My Business or SEO Audit site.

So you will not find it difficult to adjust a file search engine optimization strategy Local in order to catch up and surpass them in local SEO.


LocalRanker isn’t the only revolutionary keyword rank tracking tool available to you. You can also opt for the SEO reporting and analysis solution designed by the French company Yooda. This is SeeUrank. Although it is relatively new to the market, it is Complete and very strong.

Includes a variety of units. Among them, monitoring the performance on keyword sites and analyzing the competition. Thanks to these, you won’t have a problem Check your position for keywords that are important to your business. You should also know that this tool provides you with a series of statistics related to your site. These include in particular:

  • The amount of keywords placed according to the page;
  • The number of keywords in the top 1, 3, 10 and 30;
  • average positions.
  • The difference in positioning
  • position fluctuations.
  • SEO visibility rate according to the number of keywords placed and weights;
  • Seo traffic estimation.

If you wish, you can even get a summary of your keywords with information on the difficulty of each query and tips for optimizing your profile SEO. So feel free to try it out.

J force

G-force is another new tool that you can adopt in suImprove your keyword placement on Google. It is also one of the most popular solutions at the moment. This is due to many reasons. The first is free. In fact, you are not required to sign up for a plan before taking advantage of this program. The site offers a free trial.

You only need to register to find out the position of your target keywords on search engines. If you want to take advantage of Advanced tracking featuresHowever, it will be necessary to consider a subscription. The second is ease of use.

G-Force has a super clean and very intuitive interface. All you have to do is go to the site, fill out the application in the section window and insert your platform link in the domain field. All you have to do is click the search button and you are done.

The tool is designed to perform a file In-depth analysis of each keyword. If you have several, know that you have the possibility to check their position one by one. Learn about positioning by your keywords Compared with the The competition It has never been easier.


Are you new to search engine optimization? Are you looking for a revolutionary software to optimize files Marketing strategy ? Woorank Keyword is another alternative available to you. In fact, it is very similar to SEMRush. It consists of a variety of features that allow you to work on SEO in general and especially on positioning your keywords. These include in particular:

  • Determine the right keywords for your business;
  • download keywords;
  • choice of scope of work;
  • Monitor competition and its SEO strategy;
  • Keep track of your keywords’ ranking in the SERP;
  • Organizing campaigns.

The only difference is that this French solution is easier to use. To do this, go to the woorank site. Once there, click on the Start Tracking button. You will be automatically redirected to the order page. All you have to do is fill in your keywords and domain name for your site and you are done.

You then have a clear idea of ​​their position on Google. If you wish, you can also create a lead and place it on your website. This way, you will only have to press the latter to start the upcoming times Positioning analysis of your keywords. So what are you waiting for to try it out?

Website Analyzer

for Track the position of your keywords on search enginesYou can also choose Site Analyzer. In fact, it is a complete webmaster tool. It not only allows you to control the placement of your web pages on the SERP according to keywords, but also to see Public Health from your website.

Thanks to the latter, you will also be able to monitor and evaluate Your competitors’ trends. Also know that most analysis results are summarized in simple graphics. So you will not find it difficult to interpret and use it to modify digital strategy.

In view of these many features offered, it is normal to expect a large subscription amount. But this is not the case. On the contrary, Site Analyzer offers you one of the most competitive offers on the market. For optimal monitoring of your trades, feel free to opt for this comprehensive tool.

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