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Discover the Entrepreneur Booster Program, a new training in partnership with Reworld Media to help you start your own business.

In 2021 no less than million new jobs come into being in France. this is cute growth chart gave ideas to Reworld Media.

The French media group He is really eager to communicate with him business men And the business men Juniors in France via A new concept under training:Entrepreneurship Promotion Program.

40 Entrepreneurship modules

in the list? 40 units Open to anyone interested in learning Entrepreneurship TricksFrom legal form to marketing strategy, including creating a profile Action Plan. In short, mastering all the characteristics in Create a business through a Specialized training.

L ‘Entrepreneurship Promotion Program Also includes a psychological support. What is it about? a escort One year professionalsWith a hotline service, events and conferences to answer all your questions about entrepreneurship.

At the same time, you can take advantage of the subscription for the same period in digital magazine Be the boss. Finally, at the end of the training, a A jury of experts He will judge the importance of your project.

Video: What do entrepreneurs say?

Why not let the professionals do the talking? In the Video below (which you can also find at vimeo), painting Nine contractorsfrom all areas, participation His vision of the world of entrepreneurship.

among them, Pascal Knight President and co-founder of Reworld Media : “An entrepreneur is someone who has a passion, who will know how to put his energy into the service of a project.”.

Free training!

as a partner in Entrepreneurship Promotion Program 2022 organized by Beaverfanaticism and Eduform’Action CollectionAnd the Reworld Media Allows you to take advantage of 100% free training Via promo code EBP-AUTO22. This must be registered in shopping cart.

Entrepreneurship Promotion Program 2022: How to register?

Find more information about the worldleading businesses and onEntrepreneurship Promotion Program ? All a program explained here. Do you feel ready to start as an entrepreneur? You can register by clicking here.

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