With its ‘Mail’ and ‘Studio’ apps, Jamespot has become a complete alternative to collaborative platforms outside Europe

With its ‘Mail’ and ‘Studio’ apps, Jamespot has become a complete alternative to collaborative platforms outside Europe

Corporate digital transformation is no longer a topic, even if the way it is managed still is. Among the tools that have become essential, collaborative platforms have emerged in recent years that integrate business networking, collaborative software, and business tools. These solutions made it possible to maintain the link between employees and ensure business continuity in the midst of the pandemic. Since then, they have imposed themselves everywhere in the company. However, to date, there has not been a strong enough sovereign workaround to compete with giant US companies, which presents a risk to the security of our data and our innovation. By adding Mail and Studio functionality to its already rich collaborative base of over 100 apps, Jamespot becomes this European cloud operator capable of making digital sovereignty an alternative by default, but by choice.

Mail: to manage all your emails without changing the tools

Now, without even having to leave the Jamespot environment, users can access their inboxes with a single click. The editor supports creating, migrating, and managing user mailboxes and calendars to find everything in one place.

Mail was created in collaboration with partner Jamespot Alinto. This application allows the user to always stay in his company’s ecosystem without having to juggle between several environments. This is one of the characteristics of Jamespot: the erasure of its brand in favor of those of its customers in order to better customize its solution.

Since being able to adapt to its clients’ ecosystems is an integral part of its philosophy, Jamespot thought about separating the back and front office parts. Thus, users who want to continue using their regular mail app, whatever it is (Outlook, Gmail, Mac, etc) or choose to control them all from Jamespot Webmail.

Companies Unleash Their Creativity With ‘Studio’

With The Studio, Jamespot opens the doors to unlimited creativity for businesses. Thanks to them, every department of the company (human resources, sales, marketing, legal, etc.) is able to easily design its own applications and other business forms, thanks to the power of “no code”. Thus, the studio guides the user step-by-step in each stage of the application design, from the simplest to the most complex: to manage projects, holidays, expense reports, inventory, or even create feedback on models from the field … The studio allows each department to efficiently meet business challenges And very quickly. Additionally, by combining Jamespot’s Studio and Smart Process applications, the company can attach any process to its applications for a simple, collaborative and productive approach to creating applications.

In addition to the standard functions common to all its users, Jamespot has once again demonstrated, through “Studio”, its ability to adapt to the specific contexts of its clients.

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