The Digital Transformation Forum examines digital challenges

Written by Lina Abreiz

Morocco is witnessing a complete digital transformation, the opportunities in this sector are enormous and the will of various actors to support this digital dynamic has never been so strong. Players such as Huawei and Orange have led their own revolutions for many years and amassed enormous technological and financial resources. Here is how ICT operators distinguish these two numbers in Morocco today.

In a few years, Huwaei has managed to position itself in the Moroccan market as a provider of cloud solutions serving the financial sector. Today, the company aims to play a major role in digital transformation and make its mark in the 4.0 revolution. ” Our ambition is to bring digital to citizens, organizations and government, in order to build a connected and intelligent world. This was stated by Chakib Achour Maroc Diplomatique, Director of Marketing and Strategy at Huawei Technologies in Morocco, during the Digital Transformation Forum held on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 in Casablanca.

Placed under the theme “Companies and Digital Transformation? Good Practices and New Opportunities for Success”, this meeting was an opportunity to bring all players together in an ecosystem where opportunities and challenges are constantly evolving. Hence, companies of different sizes and from different sectors of activity have come together to give them the opportunity to learn about the latest digital innovations and practices, thus enabling them to undertake a successful digital transformation.

Having bet on contributing to the digitization of Morocco, Huawei Technologies is spreading to multiply digital solutions in various fields. It can now be used in industry, agriculture and even health thanks to telemedicine. According to Ashour, technological solutions can only be beneficial to the development dynamics of the country and the continent. ” Therefore, today we participate in the development of Morocco and participate in the development of Africa through the democratization of technology Shakib Ashour confirms.

So Huawei’s bet is clear: to put IT innovation at the service of economic and social development and ” Supporting Morocco in its vision for digital transformation To meet this challenge, and to position Morocco as a digital platform in the region, Effective implementation of digital infrastructure, but also the exchange of best practices in terms of governance “.

Investment locomotive digitization

Innovation of course, but also and above all infrastructure. While Morocco has been able to provide an internet access rate of 62% and 4G coverage to 98% of the population, investing in digital infrastructure development should remain a priority. “ All actions should be around investment promotion and aim to ensure that our investments are optimal says Faisal Slimani, Director of Marketing and B2B Sales Support at Orange Morocco.

The operator has made significant investment efforts over twenty years, including the very recent investment agreement signed with the government worth 5.6 billion dirhams, which mainly targets the development of digital infrastructure and the deployment of high-speed and ultra-high-speed mobile and fixed telephony. Internet. Moreover, investments that Orange does not intend to slow down assures Soleimani: “ In Orange Morocco we have always invested a very large portion of our income. Overall, the telecom industry is a very investment-intensive industry, and so we have to support that. These efforts must be developed and intensified in the coming years. “.

To accurately support these efforts, it is necessary to adapt the legal framework, Suleimani recalls. ” If there is one thing that needs to be defended today, it is that the private operator is putting huge sums of money into infrastructure development and therefore legislation should be an element that will help us in this approach and that will motivate us to invest more money “, Concludes.

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