Neocamino celebrates its 10th anniversary and goes on tour to accelerate its development

Created in 2012 by Adrian Measures and Camille Blaise, Neocamino is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Specializing in supporting entrepreneurs, VSE’s and SMEs, Neocamino helps business leaders effectively understand digital marketing and communications challenges. On this occasion, it is organizing a tour of 9 French cities to host 10 free conferences on digital technology. With €2.5 million in turnover in 2021 (+60%) and a team of 45 people, the company is now a major player in the digital transformation of small businesses.

Neocamino is first and foremost a love story of entrepreneurship. In 2012, Adrian measures And the Camille Blaise They decided to start their own business a few years after completing their studies. They start from a simple note: Entrepreneurship is hard. The entrepreneur must master several professions: administrative, commercial, marketing, production, finance, human resources, etc.

Neocamino Promise

It is on this observation that the Neocamino promise is built: ensuring the long-term success of leaders in an essential activity, which is marketing.

After a record year 2021, Neocamino blows out its 10th candle! In the context of the challenges of accelerating business digitization, Neocamino has managed to position itself in a unique service offering that combines tips, a digital marketing tool, and training.

In fact, 78% of managers in 2021 believe that digital is a real benefit to their companies. They were 68% before the crisis, a jump of +10 points. However, approximately ⅓ of VSE/SMBs do not have a website*, and only 29% use paid online references.

Neocamino had an exceptional year in 2021, with +60% growth in its sales. The Lyon-based company has grown from 30 to 45 employees within a year, and expects to see the same growth rate for 2022.

Added to this is the government’s call for projects that have been won by Neocamino, with the support of France Num. Titled “All Online Now,” Neocamino is part of a group whose mission is to support the digital transformation of 3,000 companies within two years.

A structured and expanded offer to cover the basic needs of managers

To meet the growing expectations of its customers, Neocamino now covers all digital marketing challenges, with Solid experience in natural and paid references, growth marketing, website creation and e-commerce.

For this occasion, Neocamino collaborates with foliowebsAnd the It offers a tour of 9 French cities to lead 10 workshops dedicated to digital marketing and to cater to the French entrepreneurial environment. These conferences will be led in co-working spaces, incubators, etc. by Neocamino digital experts.

1 appointment, 10 meetings with the regional entrepreneurial environment

June 14, 10 a.m.: Clermont-Ferrand at Aigo Café,

Online Advertising: Learn How to Create a Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign Written by Cyril Morell, Director of Growth and Traffic Management and Elisa Bizagali, Website Expert – Neocamino

June 14 at 11:30 a.m.: Grenoble in Cork in Grenoble,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 By Lambert Baudorette, Customer Success Manager – Neocamino

June 14, 6 p.m.: Annecy in La Cordy,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 By Guillaume Moulin, Director of Content – Neocamino

June 14, 6.30 pm: Dardelle at La Boite à Indées,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 By Laetitia Ballerini, Digital Strategy Consultant – Neocamino

June 14, 6:30 p.m.: Rennes at La Cordy,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 By Adrian Measures, Founder & CEO – Neocamino

June 14, 6.30 pm: Lyon at La Corde Opera,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 By Mickael Goldschmidt, Customer Success Manager – Neocamino

June 14, 6.30 pm: Paris at La Cordée Paris,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 By Sophie Benichou, Director of Digital Strategy – Neocamino

June 14, 6:30 pm: Nantes at La Cordée sur Erdre,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 Written by Camille Blaise, Founder and Partnership Director – Neocamino

June 14, 6.30pm: Bordeaux at L’Espace Callipolis,

The Eight Essentials for a Successful Online Presence in 2022 Written by Paul Herbow, Digital Strategy Expert – Neocamino

June 16, at 6 pm in Lyon at the headquarters of Neocamino,

How we put digital technology in the service of development: 10 years of Neocamino By Adrian Measures, Founder & CEO – Neocamino

About Neocamino

Neocamino’s mission is to make digital marketing accessible and effective for all VSEs and SMEs. It helps companies that want to build their digital presence and allows them to grow their business.

Established in 2012, Neocamino is a local and human-made company, with 45 employees, supporting more than 400 companies each year.

Offers personalized support in many forms:

  • Strategic support: to build a concrete and structured digital business plan – A comprehensive digital marketing solution: CRM, email, SEO, reporting… –
  • Expert training to build digital skills
  • Services: website creation, e-commerce, reference, digital advertising, prospecting, etc.

In 2015, she created Neocamino Foliweb, a structure that organizes 100% free events with the goal of raising awareness among VSEs about the interest in digital technology. Today, Foliweb prepares more than 300 events, organized in more than 30 cities in France, with a network of more than 100 speakers, in person and in webinars.

* France Barometer 2021

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