Annual meeting under the sun for fools

The whole team ofcrap I took off at the end of April for 7 days of remote work under the Dominican Republic sun. A week dedicated to further enhancing the corporate culture of a digital marketing agency and developing the employer’s brand. Look back at this trip and seecrap To create a different working environment.

Annual meeting under the sun
Although the epidemic has forced crap To review its plans over the past two years, the agency usually takes its color picking team to a different destination each winter.

After several delays to catch the news, the committee tasked with organizing the flight did not give up and got everyone on a plane as soon as the green light was given on the runway. It was important to him to show this trip to the team to thank them for the work provided throughout the year and to share unforgettable memories together.

If in 2019 crap The team chose Costa Rica, in the small town of Gaspar Hernandez in the north of the Dominican Republic, the team took up residence this time. The purpose of the trip? Strengthen the bonds, especially after months of working from home, meet new recruits in person as the agency sees strong growth, provides everyone with a stimulating workspace and hoards new ideas.

crap culture
Why would he spread all his resources to go on a trip with his team of twenty? “Because life is beautiful and it deserves to be lived in pleasure!” Benoit BedardMedia Manager and Partner.

So the trip to the Dominican Republic is a reflection of the philosophycrap. The name of the agency is not accidental. at its founders Sophie Girouard And the Alexandre Thriault Lachance Choosing that, they have already kept in mind the work environment they want to offer their team.

join Benoit Bedard A few years later, the three partners always agreed on the components of the agency’s genetics: delivering the best digital with zen and a touch of Ceremony Along the way.

This desire to make the workplace more enjoyable, and even entertaining, is no small feat. It is part of a new approach to human resources that emerged in the 1990s, indeed, several studies have indicated the potential for new perspectives and practices to emerge within personnel management.

Today, studies prove that, and it is clear that crapTeams are most effective when they participate in joint projects. In addition, millennials and Zs, who will soon become the majority in the job market, have a very different view of their careers. They want a better environment, more flexibility, and a greater respect for the balance between professional and private life.

But how do you breathe life into these values? Well, in crapwhether you work behind a desk, from a hammock Or on the beach, everyone is free! The results are there and all talents are free to develop at their own pace. Moreover, the teleworking policy crap It was already in place before the pandemic. Various departments have been accustomed to organizing themselves accordingly. Everyone is free to organize their schedule as they like.

Each talent can develop at its own pace and develop its potential as it sees fit. Training has a special place in crapEveryone has the opportunity to venture away from the crowds and find their way.

Physical and mental health is a top priority and is felt on a daily basis; Weekly sports activities are offered, access to meditation apps, internal activities enhanced… In short, with these initiatives, players say they are much more productive and armed enough to face the weeks that can sometimes be more rhythmic.

Hamak elected the best place to work in Quebec
During the trip to the Dominican Republic, the agency learned that it had won first place in Quebec from Great Place to Work Canada in the category for companies with 50 employees or less. The perfect context to mark the occasion and celebrate this great appreciation for the culture its founders have been nurturing since 2014.

This award is a recognition of the efforts invested in the employer’s brand and facilitates the task of HR to attract new employees to its ranks. The awarding of this award demonstrates the work environment and values ​​that the majority of workers today strive for. Building on solid foundations and a commitment to individual ideals is the challenge that managers face (and have succeeded in it?) to build a diverse, high-performing team.

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