5 common mistakes you should not make!

If you’re trying to grow your business through content, but struggle to set up a funnel, especially a clear content marketing funnel, here’s what you absolutely should not do…

What is the content marketing funnel?

The content marketing funnel visualizes the journey of potential customers as they consider a purchase, and is part of an overall content marketing strategy. The successful content marketing path takes the lead from your product to a satisfied customer with your business.

It’s a simple, multi-step process:

  • sensitization;
  • evaluation;
  • purchase or transfer;
  • joy.

Each step responds to a specific goal in the customer’s journey. But an overall content marketing strategy answers these questions:

  • What type of content should I create?
  • How will I measure the success of my content?
  • Where can I improve my content strategy?


This first stage of the content marketing funnel is where you want to engage and educate your audience about your topic, raise their awareness, and show how you can solve their problems and eliminate their pain points. You can use several types of content such as:

  • Posting on social networks;
  • blog post;
  • E-Book
  • podcast.
  • Graphs.
  • the video.

With every piece of content you create, ask yourself:

  • Do potential customers view, interact with, and share content?
  • Is there a follow-up after the interaction?


In this stage, you are building rapport, creating trust, and getting your audience interested in your products. Now isn’t the time to sell “hard,” but once your audience knows your brand, you’ll want them to consider making a purchase. Still, you don’t want your content to read like an advertisement. This amounts to creating:

  • Blog posts.
  • White paper
  • case studies;
  • Webinar.

At this point, ask yourself if your content serves its purpose:

  • Are people converting from this content?
  • Do I generate new sales or leads from this content?
  • Is this content helping or hindering my end goal?


This is the stage where you seek to convert contacts who have shown interest in your product. Your goal is to create content that will close the deal. The most effective formats at this stage are:

  • comments;
  • surveys
  • self assessments;
  • product sheets.

At this point, ask yourself the right questions:

  • Does my content contain a clear call to action?
  • Do I make the buying process as easy as possible?


This is the critical step to retaining your customers for the long term. Here, you continue to nurture customer relationships to not only retain customers, but also increase the lifetime value of your business. The different types of content that work in this phase include:

  • guides
  • Content reserved exclusively for members;
  • Forums
  • Gifts and specials.

Finally, ask yourself these questions in this last step:

  • Does the content give readers reasons to refer their friends?
  • Does this content encourage customers to leave reviews?

What not to do in your content marketing funnel

An effective content marketing funnel makes a potential customer recognize your brand early and decide to purchase from you accordingly. When using a content marketing funnel, the primary goal is not to promote the product or service, but to promote Give your target the value the product will bring to them. You need to understand your audience’s pain points and work on those pain points in your posts.

Without further ado, here are the 5 mistakes often made in content strategy

  1. You don’t understand your audience well. They don’t really know their expectations or their motives. So they have no idea if your product is what they really need and if it can actually help them;
  2. You don’t know your competitions and they do not know how they differ from you;
  3. You are not flexible. You think of content suppression as a plan to follow through on the message without modifying it. For this reason, you cannot adjust it to different real-time events, audience needs and context.
  4. You create content only for new subscribers, new horizons, you completely forget about your existing customers. This is a common mistake and one that should be avoided. In marketing, retaining an old customer is a much more expensive and complex task than attracting a new customer. So, never forget to connect with your old audience;
  5. You post the same content all the time. Of course, your content should be about your product or something you can use to communicate your product. However, try to make your content different even if it touches the same thing.

Now is the time to invest in a content marketing funnel because today, more than ever, it is the most effective way to reach potential customers and generate valuable sales!

Source: Lucidchart

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