New Generation, New Standards: How to Hire in 2022

Recruitment is a hot topic in Quebec and has been for several years. Plusieurs facteurs viennent rendre la tâche plus ardue, entre autres le phénomène de plein emploi, les changes d’habitudes causées par la pandémie de la COVID-19, et l’arrivée d’une nouvelle génération marché, la fame use Gen. the work. Companies, like academic institutions, are redoubling their efforts to attract new employees. Some bet on social networks, others on traditional platforms; A bad reputation is necessary for some, while others develop new strategies, such as employer branding. In short, recruitment is complicated. We spoke to a few agencies and advertisers to talk about their successes and recruitment challenges in 2022.

In a difficult context, creative solutions
Full employment is attached to all sectors, and with hundreds of daily jobs that must be filled in its three factories, Exceldor Cooperative Turn into LG 2 To help her recruit quickly and, above all, in the simplest and most accessible way, with a concept available in a somewhat forgotten medium, that is, the local weekly newspapers. Mary Kristen Hopedirector of the advisory group, LG 2He explains his strategy to us: “We envisioned a CV that must be verified, which is an innovative way to facilitate application, as well as make it stand out. Exceldor Cooperative With potential candidates for day laborer positions. In this type of job, the simple idea of ​​having to build and submit a resume can seem overwhelming. So we simplified the experience as much as possible to impress and encourage people to apply. So we focused on solutions that overcome barriers to achieve great results.” These results speak for themselves: Caroline MattSenior Communications and Marketing Consultant for Exceldor Cooperativeannounces that he has received hundreds of CVs via text message, and assures that the CV to be screened will remain a valuable tool for future campaigns.

Generation Z in all of this?
However, it is far from the local weekly magazines that we can find Generation Z. Mathieu AvoyenVice President and Creative Director of somersaultdescribes her as self-confident: “She often arrives well prepared during job interviews, and has specific expectations and demands. As an employer, we often feel like we’re the one doing the interview! She seems to be a little ahead of other candidates, and she knows what she wants. Older work find it a huge generation gap.

Not only is she confident, but she has ideals that support her ambitions, as shown Jean Hugo FillonSenior Vice President of Business at KosetteWho worked on the campaign? carried by the world From’University of Montreal“This is a generation that wants to make a difference every day that matches their capabilities and ambitions. There really is a huge search for meaning, and I think all employers and all professional applicants should ask themselves questions so that they can communicate well with this generation. It is also a generation that is very sensitive to everything that It’s about fairness, diversity and inclusion. It’s philosophical, but it’s also very practical. These are people who want to identify themselves, not just in ideals.

So, what strategies should we adopt to recruit them?

Searching for meaning
Country carried by the world, which was intended above all as a notorious campaign to cement the university in the minds of young high school graduates and CEGEP students planning their academic futures, builds on this search for meaning of Generation Z. “It is a generation that is redefining the meaning of community. Whereas our generations once defined community as our family, friends and something very geographical, for them community takes on a much broader meaning, which is often based on connections and values, which is overly intangible. The campaign has prepared The schedule is to meet the needs of these affiliates. Everything is based on ideology, in line with their values,” explains the strategist. Maryse will. Although campaign results are not yet available, Jean Hugo And the Helen MitchellBrand Manager atUniversity of Montrealconfirms that the reaction has been very positive.

Lifestyle, an important factor
Generation Z is certainly ambitious, but it doesn’t want to live to work. Lifestyle is an important aspect that should be highlighted in recruitment campaigns, and this is what distinguishes CFP James Bay And the somersault They were supported for their recent campaign to promote EPDs in the mining industry. “These are super-paying jobs, so we play on the fact that they give access to a lifestyle. With 6 months of schooling, which is very fast, you can get a great salary, and every two weeks off. The job is demanding, but you can take vacations, buy yourself Home and land. This generation has a lot of energy and loves the outdoors, so we bet on that, and this generation has done really well,” Comments Matthew. In fact, the results of this campaign have been significant, with a 300% increase in DEPs registrations and just over 188,000 unique visitors to the campaign site.

What future for new platforms?
With new communication channels through platforms such as tik tokMany believe they see opportunities to recruit Generation Z in a new way. Although young people on tik tok, they are not necessarily in a career mode. So the key is to be noticed without having to click on the forecast, according to Matthew: “We see tik tok As a notorious media. You need to have a certain frequency of linking the goal, and they like and remember the content.

for Mary’sthese platforms are ideal for helping companies listen to the workforce of the future and carry on the conversation: “Whether it’s a university or any other brand, we’re used to the brand presenting itself with a unified stance. There is a real opportunity to change that paradigm into a participatory brand. To create a commitment with the goal, but to do that, it takes some humility, as well as a lot of sincerity and transparency. These conversations don’t always serve the brand and can generate some controversy, but the brand needs to stay in touch and hone the topic based on its goals.”

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