HUAWEI ads are available to Tunisian advertisers

Tunisia Tribune (Huawei ads) – Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) announces the availability of enhanced advertising features and services in Tunisia for its automated digital advertising platform – HUAWEI Ads.

Communication, media and marketing agencies of Tunisian companies can take advantage of this service to develop their digital advertising in Tunisia. Recognizing the importance of digital marketing in Tunisia, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) provides access to the entire telecom community to improve their business.

With over 60% of web traffic, and all devices combined, mobile remains the device of choice in the MENA region. HUAWEI Ads is a leading mobile marketing platform that optimizes ads to reach more than 700 million users of Huawei devices worldwide.

HUAWEI Ads offers interactive advertising channels based on themes and target audience segmentation, through which marketers can go for an unlimited number of impressions, clicks and interactions. Some of the available channels include AppGallery, Programmatic Display, and Search, each with subcategories that can help determine success.

For customer awareness and acquisition, Huawei advertising helps brands and agencies achieve their goal with a wide range of tools from: “AppGallery Ad Units”, Petal Search Shopping Ads function of HUAWEI Ads Display Network and HUAWEI Video. HUAWEI ad campaigns can benefit your view-based business if you choose one of the AppGallery formats as your optimal target: featured pages, category ranking or keyword research.

To revitalize the brand, HUAWEI has simplified dynamic branding templates to delight customers with better targeting. Brands can use Venus, the landing page tool, to create landing pages for downloading apps and promoting web pages to help increase conversions.

For customer retention, brands can retain customers using a Data Management Platform (DMP). With this feature, marketers can customize ads to reach their intended audience segment.

For ad performance analysis, HUAWEI Ads can help brands and agencies track their ad performance by allowing the user to view and download ad serving data by account, campaign, mission, creation, country or region.

With an optimized budget, a clear goal, the right tactics and ultimate campaign combinations, brands and agencies can rule the digital advertising industry with HUAWEI Ads.

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