The World Football Alliance, or “The Round Ball Research Center”

AS Saint-Étienne, AC Paradou, Chapecoense, Crystal Palace and even Melbourne Victory FC. If it seems that these five teams do not have a particular link, they belong among others to the World Football Alliance, a group of non-rival clubs, coming from the four corners of the world, founded and headed by the president of Saint-Etienne. Bernard Caiazo, with former Director General of Services Xavier Thélott, Deputy Director General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Angers today. The main objective of this association? “Exchanging innovative ideas, creating synergies and benefiting from our alliance globally”It can also be read on the official website. An innovative way of trying to develop the policies of the respective clubs in the face of the increasingly globalized football that has been shaken by the global pandemic that does not seem to affect the biggest European teams, is very active during the summer transfer window.

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However, the Greens chief prefers not to shine a light on his organization so as not to alert the competition, such as the big European teams, or until he sees the concept taken up by those same teams. Allowing less well-known clubs to share their many experiences with no direct competition between them (except in the case of European competition) also aims to bring together the impacts of each in different sectors (sports, marketing, digital, communication, CSR, environmental protection, etc. it) in order to attract brands/sponsors who want international coverage. If we combine all the followers of these 21 clubs, the number comes to just over 5 million subscribers. For comparison, only Paris Saint-Germain (10 million) or Manchester City have double that number.

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Training, Employment and Statistics

When it was created in 2020, the World Football Alliance succeeded in defining five goals for this alliance of clubs: sharing the best training techniques, improving the training and athletic performance of athletes, creating an international network of exploration and recruitment, supporting member clubs to increase their productivity and competitiveness and finally encouraging member clubs On innovation and digital transformation. But beyond the football aspect, the GFA also wants to be a carrier of values, fully committed to fighting discrimination of all kinds. For its chief Caïazzo, she plays football “A critical role in society, and we, as a sporting alliance spread across different continents, can use this as a very important tool to inspire people and celebrate global days even more.”

Teams of members then plan several meetings, often remotely, to strengthen this relationship: in addition to the open live chat available to employees to discuss their work on a daily basis, twice-monthly experts are invited to digital conferences. To discuss various aspects of football. For the economic and marketing side, the leaders meet monthly, again via video conference before organizing quarterly summits at the headquarters of one of the participating clubs, sharing their club’s experience and challenges. Enough to keep in touch and follow the progress of each of them throughout the season. Those efforts have certainly played into the beautiful trajectory that Villarreal have had in the Champions League, reaching the last Champions League semi-finals. Shadow work that could pay off over the years and bring together other clubs from around the world in the future…

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