Making stories and its advantages in the new market

When we try to decipher what customers are looking for, we encounter a huge surprise: they are no longer just looking for ads and regular ads, but are becoming more demanding and are forcing us to innovate with new ads New “seduction” techniques. This is where storytelling comes in…

The Storytelling It is not new, but it has a long history. This technology is used to tell stories that seek to do so Communicate company values And what it can offer to its customers.

Although this tool is widely used and proven to be very effective, today it is no longer enough. This is where it’s time to evolve.

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Making Stories: An Evolution in Storytelling

The business story was born out of the clients need to not only listen to the stories, but be a part of them, andHumanizing the relationship between the client and the company.

Now the new challenge is to engage the customers in these stories, to know their desires and to make them the hero of this real story with their experiences and not just imagination.

This is why companies have started using this tool as part of their marketing strategy, with the aim of improving customer loyalty.

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What are the benefits of the story?

With this tool, we will get major advantages over other marketing techniques, among which we can highlight:

  • By involving people, we will do better Communication with clients Hence, for the better Response. The public interacts with the company and a closer bond is created, which leads to increased loyalty.
  • Create a social communication Connected For our activity, who talks about it on the networks and recommends us. This will give us a greater presence on social networks, a greater reputationLarger credibility And undoubtedly an added advantage big spread.
  • Reduce costsbecause the customers themselves are the ones who share our stories and will take care of a large part of our campaign distribution.


What to consider in your story strategy

Of course, like any marketing strategy, its implementation must take into account certain aspects so that it does not fail, including the following:

set a goal

It is important to be clear about what we are trying to convey about our products, in order to design a campaign accordingly. Know what you want to communicate.

general desire

Know the needs and desires of potential customers. To do this, it is necessary to study social networks and the interaction of users with them. This way, we can create an interesting story and we will be less likely to fail.

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We must also not lose sight of what we are striving to achieve on the other side. For example: joy, nostalgia, adrenaline and others. It is important to make clear what we want users to do with this story. Knowing these goals will help us decide what type of campaign we should run.


Define design

We should not ignore this issue, because we need the audience to associate the campaign with our brand. That is why it is important to specify the details that will be included in the campaign, for example logos, colors and phrases.

Some of the leading brands in the story industry

We are used to special campaigns coca cola Where interaction with the user is required and where the focus is on family, friendship and sharing, making these values ​​a hallmark.

Red Bull It is another classic story with its campaigns to attract young people through extreme sports. She is known for her paragliders who jump from the stratosphere to Earth with a lively following around the world on social media.

The video is here.

pens brand BIC . symbol She also launched a well-known campaign in which pens were offered to customers to withdraw their own currency for purchase.

And let’s not forget applewhich is always at the forefront of engaging audiences, building fans and brand advocates.



With technological advances and digitization of processes, Customer needs and requirements In terms of new sensations are constantly growing. It’s no longer enough to tell them a great story someone else wrote.

In this context, the story becomes a tool with a promising future. Customers are those who buy, choose, pay, and therefore want Be a part of those stories.

In the future, more and more companies, not just big companies, but any type of company, will be able to use these tools. This will be due to its great value as Marketing strategy Besides easy access because it is an investment that can be adapted to the needs, can reach It requires only a little imagination and innovation to achieve.

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