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The trading trades cover the entire sales process, from prospecting to managing the customer portfolio. These protagonists need to process information about their potential customers during these operations.

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Kaspr makes accessing this data easier. This tool makes it possible to receive directly from LinkedIn all the information of your prospects who qualify you. Faster, it saves you several hours of research on websites.

Every commercial action goes through lead generation

A salesperson spends almost a quarter of their working time on lead generation. Through this approach, we try to get closer to our target group in a professional and profitable way. Thanks to the tools and tricks available in the market, this process can become less tedious. They allow you to collect the contact details of your prospects and your customers in a very short time in order to be able to carry out a distance selling campaign. The aim is to turn those interested in an offer or service into buyers and loyal customers. This process allows you to devote the majority of your efforts to selling yourself.

A more revolutionary method valid in a BtoB campaign affects the efficiency and productivity of teams. However, it must be recognized that there are many devices that can be used by professionals in all fields. However, they do not have the same functionalities and consequently the same results. Beyond marketplaces or networking platforms, you contact publishers through databases that perfectly suit your needs and situation.

When it comes to customer acquisition, sellers are faced with the choice between email and phone, knowing that not each of these approaches result in the same conversion rates.

Cold Email

In this first case, you contact your targets via email. Your message may not go down well with the recipient if they are not interested in your activity. The principle is to respond to an interest shown in your activities while browsing your website. In this case we are talking about an inbound strategy. However, the challenge of contact tracing is relatively the same as with an outbound strategy.

On the other hand, this method has great potential provided you have a good strategy both upstream and downstream. In contrast to contacting us by telephone, you do not risk any disturbing prospects at the most inopportune moment. They question the timing of checking their email based on their own schedule.

The cold call

As in the first scenario, a sales pitch from an unfamiliar company can be irksome to prospects. In the best-case scenario, it only leads to an immediate reaction. This achievement is the result of a well-studied process that takes into account the details of the approach to be followed. Good sales pitches coupled with good timing will turn the odds in your favor.

If each of these two methods has hitherto been used independently, their alliance would ensure a better outcome. Either way, gathering data is the critical first step in acquiring new customers.

The power of automated prospecting

Automated prospecting is experiencing significant growth as internet users’ connection habits change. The latter increasingly prefer digital approaches. With the parallel development of social networks, this trend accommodates commercial players.

Because the sale goes through multiple stages, an automated and personalized process trumps the traditional method. This greatly facilitates the qualification of leads and thus the optimization of messages and content. As mentioned above, the call and email combo can be your winning card. For this purpose you can make the call after the automated email campaign.

The process that runs through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a trusted and valued source of information. However, the network needs to be linked with other tools like Kaspr to collect the contacts stored in it.

Google Chrome extension Kaspr on LinkedIn

In this perspective, leads are generated from LinkedIn contacts. The reliability of the information is supported by additional research on the Internet carried out with the tool. Sellers use certain criteria in this context to get relevant results:

  • Work ;
  • socio-professional category;
  • geographical position ;
  • Be able ;
  • activity area.

Taking all possible filters into account, you can reach up to 300 million contacts: e-mails and phone numbers combined, and in the shortest possible time. This device verifies the information so that it can be used in a professional context. It promises a reliability rate of at least 90%. This data is then imported into the tool’s dashboard. From this stage, automated prospecting begins: either through workflows that run in set time periods, or through the use of a CRM tool.

Personalized and automated searches

The functionalities of Kaspr apply to people and companies, especially in relation to the search system. In addition to the email address and phone number, you can also access their social networks.

The tool is used on every LinkedIn profile, but Kaspr automation also allows you to automatically export and enrich your prospect lists on SalesNavigator or LinkedIn.

All generated contact data is of course subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This implies that they are legally exploitable. In any case, you have the advantage of being able to start with the commercial procedures immediately. And to top it off, this tool helps you manage those contacts in one place.

Coming soon: Kaspr is also developing its automation so you can send automatic invites and messages on LinkedIn. This feature will be available from October 2020, simultaneously with the release of their new version Kaspr… Stay Tuned!

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