Cyber ​​and public transformation

Internet Day

Cyber ​​and public transformation

The drafting of the Public Representatives Act provides a special afternoon for exchanges and discussions on public representatives on Thursday, June 9, from 2:00 pm.

Gendarmerie, Anssi, Campus Cyber, elected officials, researchers and experts: they will discuss cybersecurity issues and propose operational solutions.

  • How do we understand the Internet as a major lever for transformation?
  • How can “innovation” and “internet” cultures be combined through design?
  • How do general managers educate themselves to protect themselves from risks?
  • How is a cross-sectional approach promoted that includes public actors, the research world, and private actors?

Digital Identity, Recovery Plan, Sovereignty, Public Order, Legislation: Issues in a Future Perspective on Public Actors Television Group.

02:00. | Lighting opening and editing

2:05 pm | Opening Interview: The ComCyberGend Between Prevention and Suppression
with the General Puget, Gendarmerie commander in cyberspace

2:15 pm | Insights from the Editorial Board: The Internet: Innovative Forms in the Service of Prevention

2:20 pm | Interview: Hospitals, Communities, Departments: How do you mobilize public organizations?
with Benjamin Lero, Marketing & CISO Director at Advens

2:35 pm | Expert Minutes : Online Definition of Digital Trust
with Candice Dog La Poste Digital Identity Manager – Docaposte

2:40 pm | Interview: The Cyber ​​Incident Response Center: An incubation program for what?
with Gwenel Martinet, France Relance Project Manager, Anssi

2:45 pm | Expert Minutes : How do we secure digital environments in the public sector?
with Daniel Debrizo, Technology Director, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Benelux and Nordex, Veritas Technologies

2:50 pm | Editor’s Debate: How is Cyber ​​Accelerating Public Transformation?
with Anne Lu Hananf, Vice Mayor of Van W Colonel Barnabas Watten Oguar, Head of Digital Proximity at ComCyberGend

3:10 pm | Expert Minutes : European cloud, are we up to the challenges of sovereignty?
with yan lechell, General Manager Scaleway

3:15 pm | Interview: a speech at Campus Cyber

3:20 pm | Interview: Can the answer to cyber challenges be found in the regions?
with Akim Ural, OpenDataFrance President, Vice Mayor of Lille

3:25 pm | public actors solutions : Cyber ​​security in the bio card service
with Michelle Venet, Digital Identity Manager at GIE Sesam-Vital and Eric JametMarketing Director of Tessi

3:35 pm | Editorial Insight: The Potential of Digital Identity

3:40 pm | Expert Minutes : Are departments mature in the face of security issues?
with Lauren Celerer, Executive Vice President of Technology and Marketing, Orange Cyberdefense

3:50 pm | Opening interview: The floor of the digital interior department

4:10 pm | Expert Minutes : How do we fight cybercrime for public entities?
with Philip Walter Public Sector Digital Transformation Manager, Salesforce

4:15 pm | opening interview

4:20 pm | Expert Minutes : video conferencing and security
with Gregory Justin, Commercial Director – Public Sector, Pexip France

4:30 pm | public actors solutions
with capable of intent Business Intelligence Security Task Manager, CNAM – Department Management Paris Val-de-Seine (DPVS) and Jean Francois Perronencheinspired

4:40 pm | Editing lighting

4:45 pm | Expert Minutes : Zero Trust approach, an effective way to enhance security
with Edward Camoen, Vice President of Resilience, 3DS Outscale

4:50 pm | opening interview

5:10 pm | Keyword: “Cybersecurity, my future profession”
with Arno GumletMicrosoft National Security Officer

5:15 pm | E-Government Day on June 9: What assessment?
Drafting public representatives

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