▷ Why use a drone for its digital communications?

More and more companies are tasking drones and their remote pilots with taking aerial shots of their buildings, events, etc. In order to connect with their potential clients and prospects…

Indeed, to realize the increasing importance of drone images, it is enough to look at advertisements, films, documentaries or even reports in particular. Brands are capturing this new gadget a little more every day, which has the gift of influencing the viewer so powerfully and that makes it possible to differentiate itself from what competitors offer.

And what are you waiting for? Let’s find out together why you should also use this new tool for networking on the web!

Drones, a way to stand out from the competition

In an increasingly digital world, it is essential to stand out.

Being on social networks, owning a website… Many brands have realized the interest in developing their online presence and have largely embraced the icons of modern communication. Some have understood the interest Create content like video Which has become essential to a successful social media strategy in particular.

This is where the drone draws all its power.

will allowApproaching the connection from another angle, literally taking the height. With unique images that no one is used to seeing, your drone will allow you to create a “Whaou!” with your target customers.

Some examples of using a drone to communicate

  • I do visit places Using an FPV (first person vision or immersion flight) drone, for example, will immerse the spectator in the heart of the action;
  • Real estate valuationbuilding, monument…;
  • Yasir Unforgettable memories of your events : team building, celebrations…;
  • Make cinematic videos for Highlight the landscape, a unique heritage (clips, reports, etc.)
  • realize Promotional, institutional and advertising films … ;
  • realize Dynamic or sports shots Previously it was only possible by heavier and more expensive means such as a helicopter: followed by a car, a motorcycle, etc.;
  • And much more…

Here is a video that collects some examples of the use of the drone in terms of communication for companies and organizations:

Source: Epiify

Call the drone specialists

Even if drones are increasingly accessible tools, it is important not to do anything with them and be aware that their use requires respect for strict rules.

This is why it is highly recommended to call a A company that specializes in aerial photography by drones. Remote drone pilots will be able to perform all tasks Administrative procedures (Statements in the province, request for permission to travel to the relevant authorities and bodies, image rights, etc.) and Safely (Proper insurance, compliance with the security perimeter, etc.).

So you will have Drone photos and videos You can use them on your online communication media by distributing them:

  • on your website,
  • on your social networks,
  • in your online advertising campaigns,
  • for your press relations,
  • Or in your email campaigns for example.

So, are you ready to grow your digital communications? 🙂

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