What are the advantages of digital training in Paris?

Are you passionate about new technologies and information technology? Do you want to grow professionally in this sector? It’s a wonderful initiative. Currently, the digital world occupies an important place in everyday life. To this end, digital training in a fascinating and dynamic city like Paris will allow you to master all the different web professions.
Here’s everything you need to know about digital training in the French capital!

Digital training in Paris: what advantages does it give?

Whether for you or the company, pursuing a digital internship in Paris allows you to take advantage of many advantages. Let’s discover them together.

Easily get a job

Even if it is possible to train at home with your own means (platform, videos, books, conferences, etc.), it will be impossible for you to find a job after that. This is justified by the fact that all recruits are looking for credibility, and this can only be guaranteed by a recognized certificate. and here where Digital School in ParisA school specializing in digital professions.

It puts young graduates and qualified people ready to work in all types of businesses in the labor market. So your chances of Quickly find a job It increases when you choose to get a digital internship in Paris. Especially since the majority of jobs that will exist in 2030 will be in the digital sector.

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of professionals

After digital training in Paris is the guarantee of acquisition New technical skills in the field of the future. Indeed, coaches and/or professors Web Industry Experts It will support you in your studies. They will give you Updated coursesIn line with labor market expectations.

Thanks to their intervention, you will benefit from know how And the expertise Facing complex situations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to perform a file practical training At the end of your training. Through this course, you will be able to touch the reality of the digital world. Thus, you can acquire the required experiences and skills in the digital world.

In general, digital training in Paris is accessible at all levels, namely:

  • post-baccalaureate;
  • a buck +2;
  • A Bac +4.

Thus, after the baccalaureate, it is possible to integrate a digital training in Paris for Full Bachelor’s. The same applies if you are in the third year of your license with BTS (Baccalaureate +2). Finally, you can also take a master’s course with an extension tray 3 where Class 4.

Candidates without a baccalaureate degree will also be able to benefit from a digital portal to accept.

It is important to remember that the admission requirements are also flexible. They depend on file review Application followed by motivational interviews. Note that with digital training in Paris, you can follow alternating training In order to gain their first professional experience in a company and put their knowledge into practice.

What is the Digital Training Program in Paris?

Digital Training Students in Paris covers the following courses:

  • digital strategy
  • CRM;
  • digital marketing/online marketing;
  • project management;
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Communications;
  • project management;
  • digital connection;
  • E-Business
  • etc.

Due to the level of training and specializations offered by the institution in Paris, the program is subject to differences. Students will also have to carry out tasks Very specific in the digital sphere.


What are the job opportunities after digital internship in Paris?

In the digital sector, City of Light is looking to hire Experienced professionals The ability to participate digital innovation Within the company. Thus, at the end of the digital internship in Paris, opportunities in online commerce and other professions abound:

  • Digital Web Project Manager;
  • IT developer
  • web designer
  • web marketer
  • marketing manager ;
  • e-commerce manager;
  • Internet manager;
  • Production Manager ;
  • community manager;
  • webmaster.
  • etc.

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