Lyf and Association Française des Maîtres Restaurateurs join forces to accelerate digitization of the restaurant sector – MMAF

Liv, the French financial technology leader in mobile-enhanced payments, and the French Restaurant Association (AFMR) have announced their partnership. This collaboration aims to support Maîtres Restaurateurs in their digital transformation and enable them to meet new consumer expectations in terms of customer experience.

Convinced that the sector must go a step further in terms of digitization, the French Association of Architects (Maîtres Restaurateurs) wishes to support its 6000 members in implementing innovative mobile methods such as demand at the table, payment at the table or even a non-physical tip. These different solutions, offered by Lyf, share a combination of mobile payment, functionality that makes it possible to simplify and diversify consumer journeys.

“AFMR is committed to offering Maîtres Restaurateurs quality partnerships that aim to enhance their profession and facilitate their daily lives. Lyf is a Fintech expert on issues specific to the catering sector, but also a company with whom we share values, such as an interest in Made in France, a flair for working together and the protection of user data. Therefore it is a strategic partner to support the specialists of our network in the digitization of their activities. » Comments by Alain Fontaine, President of AFMR.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by AFMR as a new trusted partner. For several years, we have developed a range of innovative solutions for catering professionals. They save them time, make life easier for their employees and improve their customers experience. Collaborating with AFMR will make it possible to highlight our services to a group They are committed professionals who want to meet the new expectations of their employees and customers.” Adds Frederic Licliffe, Lyf Executive Vice President.

Last March, Lyf and AFMR questioned Maîtres about the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis when collecting payments from their customers. Here are the main masking points that emerge from their answers: tables wanting to split the bill, double bank card/restaurant voucher vouchers, entry errors and bill verification by customers, contactless bank cards passing poorly, saturation of orders over a short period time.

Concretely, these solutions facilitate the work of restaurants (saving time for employees, who can thus devote themselves to welcoming, advising and serving customers, responding to the expectations of professionals in terms of simplifying the collection process (see box), facilitating tip collection, and keeping customers connected outside of visits thanks to Marketing tools.

… while meeting the new expectations of consumers (acceptance of mobile payment and dematerialized restaurant coupons, saving time on ordering and/or at the end of the meal, and independence regarding the amount to be paid (entire bill, certain dishes, percentage addition…)

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