Havaianas bet on digital and customer experience

Havanaias (the brand of the Brazilian group Alpargatas) has equipped a certain number of (but not only) vacationers in 2021. Flip-flops have never been so attractive if we believe the company’s annual results, published in early April. In 2021, Havaianas reached a historical size of 260 million pairs sold, up 13% compared to the previous year. At least 98% of shoes are produced in Brazil. For the full year, net sales were $739 million, an increase of nearly 26% compared to 2020.

Anti-crisis brand

“These exceptional results confirm the evolution, development and investments made in the brand over the past four years in terms of marketing, products and organizations. We have also been able to improve and strengthen emotional bonds with the consumer. Over the past two years, some brands have indirectly benefited from the health crisis.” In particular, like Havaianas, which convey anti-crisis values, about luxury, holidays, sun, music …”, explains Hervé Pinot, General Manager of Central and Western Europe at Havaianas. Havaianas, which account for 80% of the group’s activity, registered an increase of 26% in France, which accounts for 15% of activity in Europe. Alpargatas has made progress on the four strategic pillars the company has identified: globalization, digital, innovation and sustainability.

During the holding period, the shops were closed, the brand sold its models through two networks: BtoB and its relays through the main web operators (Sarenza, Spartoo, La redoute …) and the Havaianas brand, including the activity that took off during this period. In France, the digital figure represents 31% of the turnover (Same percentage as in the world). “The health crisis has re-shuffled the cards and allowed us to publish our strategy online,” confirms Hervé Pinault. Digital is our main investment. We prefer SEO, SEM and social networks to inspire and direct consumers to our site and develop our business relationships with our partners. “However, 70% of our activities take place in physical networks that have their own or licensed POS.

8 stores in 2022

In 2022 we will open 8 new points of sale, bringing our network to 35 stores exclusive to Havaianas. Most are seasonal (6 months) with kiosks in malls and concessions at tourist spots. Finally, we are present in 2000 partners (Bon Marché, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Concept store) and Monoprix”, identifies a brand spokesperson.

Brand lovers in thongs

Havaianas, a seasonal brand, surfs social networks to make their products more desirable. The festive brand is on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. and uses these channels to maintain relationship and connect with its fans throughout the year. “The e-commerce site, 10% of the activity in France, registers an average basket of 35 euros. It serves as a relay for brand communication. We have installed a chat room for direct exchange with Internet users in addition to our customer relations department, which has two levels of service , both externally and internally”, as Hervé Pinault identifies. For 5 years, the brand has invested heavily in product innovation It varies around espadrilles and textiles.


260 million pairs of Havaianas were sold in 2021 worldwide

130 countries in the world

20 markets

$739 million in turnover (+26% compared to 2020) worldwide

31% of activity is on digital

35 stores in France

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