Game Group sees 70% increase in revenue in Q1 2022

Gambling Group se porte bien et l’Amérique du Nord a un rôle important à jouer dans le succès actuel de la société, qui a enregistré une augmentation of 70% de ses revenus au cours des trois premiers mois de l’terminantée se 31 Mars. This places Gambling Group in the unique position of once again strengthening its presence in the gambling affiliate market, and most importantly, being able to make good use of its reach and influence in the North American market.

Gambling group posted record quarterly results

The Gambling Group has been boosting its reach by focusing on various complementary assets over the past few months. It managed to acquire RotoWire and BonusFinder, two prominent names in the B2C sector that were already making an impact, it seems, although no financial details of these two assets were provided at the time of the update. today.

Revenue from North America alone increased 544% year-over-year to $10.6 million. The group is present in 15 national markets and operates at least 50 websites. The quarter was strong in terms of player acquisitions with around 67,000 new deposits made in the first three months. The launches in New York and Louisiana certainly helped.

The Group’s gross profit amounted to $18.4 million. Operating profit came in at $4.3 million, down from the $5.2 million recorded in the same period a year earlier. More aggressive marketing strategies may explain the slight dip in operating profit.

Strong performance in all areas

Commenting on the results, Group Chief Financial Officer Elias Mark said the current results are the best quarterly performance in the group’s history:

We saw our accelerated investment in the business in the second half of 2021 starting to pay off, increasing revenue by 70% to deliver the best quarterly performance in the group’s history. »

Elias Mark, Chief Financial Officer,

Mark provided a transparent overview of the company’s results and what drove it in the first place. He admitted that the acquisitions had a positive impact on results, exceeding initial expectations. Mark added that another remarkable year lies ahead, confirming the group’s outlook for 2022.

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