Automation, the key to e-commerce success in the future?

Ad personalization, performance optimization with artificial intelligence, the mass presence of marketplaces, and the emergence of social commerce are all trends that will shape e-commerce in the coming years, according to Channable and his e-book.

Key trends in e-commerce and digital marketing from 2022 to 2025: Creating effective advertising campaigns. Fabian Carolillo, Chief Accounting Officer, evaluates the main trends in the French market.

It is no secret to anyone that the crisis has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce. According to FEVAD, online sales increased 8.5% in 2021 compared to 2019, and the number of e-commerce sites increased by 12% between 2020 and 2021. During the same period, sales related to “do it yourself” and gardening grew by 22 and 31%, respectively, while 33% of clothing purchases are made online, not to mention tourism, which accounts for 85 and 95% of travel and plane ticket purchases, respectively, according to the BPCE digital and payments scale.

Competition is fierce to reach as many buyers as possible. You must be able to display consistent information, Such as product availability and/or pricing, then adapting them for the specifics of each channel”, explains Fabian Carolillo, noting the need for e-merchants with a large catalog, whose references are often replenished, to switch to automation to update content distributed across all sales channels. And there are plenty of them: from price comparisons to marketplaces, across affiliate, social and advertising platforms. , at least 2,500 of them are associated with Channable, providing a single management interface.”Companies that perform these operations manually are increasingly rare, but many have developed their own in-house tools, which are costly to maintain and improve to keep pace with market changes.‘, the specialist points out.

However, while Google Shopping remains essential to 90% of solution customers, online shopping habits are changing rapidly, particularly with the democratization of social commerce:Today, Facebook and Instagram are the first social networks to distribute products from their catalog. Without Forgetting More Specific Channels: You Can’t Get to GenZ Without Going to Snapchat and Tik Tok, Or Decoration and Gardening Lovers Without Pinterest“France is one of the countries with more price comparisons or niche markets, from Fnac/Darty to Decathlon,” explains Fabian Carolillo, who adds that France is one of the countries with more price comparisons or niche markets.We must also add e-commerce excluding retail, with tourism of course, real estate or employment … Whether we have products, services, real estate or job offers to promote online, displaying its information (availability, price, text, etc.) regularly, we need automation. “

In addition, more and more players, such as Google or Bing, are now integrating an ad auction system that enables Channable to automatically generate relevant and personalized ads based on an Internet user’s search data. With Channable, automation has several meanings: in addition to adding new emerging channels, it also integrates the new rules of platforms before they are officially launched, thanks among other things to the status of Google Partner and Meta. “In June 2022, Google, for example, popularized the Responsive Ads format, which has already been integrated into our platform for over a year.,” explains Fabian Carolillo, who, like all Channable teams, has been mobilized to deal with changes to the algorithm’s rules.

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