4 reasons to use it

Recruitment is a long, difficult and expensive process. Despite years of experience, it is always possible to make a mistake and the consequences are heavy for the company. What if using a recruiting company is the right solution?

4 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

Whatever the size of the company (startup, SME, large companies, etc.), staffing is essential, especially for its development and team productivity. Unfortunately, this is a time consuming and cumbersome process. But above all, if something goes wrong, this leads to a huge waste of time and money for the company, which has to start all over again.

Good hiring requires a good strategy and a certain experience. A recruitment company like Expectra.fr supports companies in this sometimes complex process.

The recruitment firm plays an advisory and supportive role by simplifying the recruitment process for its client companies. He can help with all or part of the process. By writing the job advertisement, searching for the ideal candidate, conducting interviews, taking care of administrative procedures, supporting and advising the company’s human resources department, validating candidate certifications and references…

In short, a staffing firm is a real asset for companies that are actively looking for new employees. Here are 4 reasons to use a recruitment agency:

1. Experience and time savings thanks to a recruitment company

The recruitment firm consists of recruitment experts. It is a valuable help that will accompany you in this process. Advice, support, proposals, knowledge of the labor market … reassuring and quality professional knowledge.

The recruitment firm also allows companies to save time by taking care of the various stages of their recruitment (research, writing, administrative procedures, interviews, etc.). By outsourcing their recruitment process, it allows companies to focus full time on their business while avoiding the stress of finding the perfect candidate.

2. Effective recruitment

A professional, recruitment firm that has tools that specialize in searching for candidates. Sector of activity, years of experience, skills … Just mention the company’s needs for an accurate and effective research.

The recruitment firm also takes care of validating the certificates and references of each candidate. It is also an additional way to ensure that it matches the profile that the company is seeking.

The recruitment company can also take care of the pre-selection of candidates to provide only the best for the company. For this, the recruitment firm can take care of interviewing, testing candidates and suggesting scenarios.

If the company does not find the rare pearl after interviewing the selected candidates, the recruitment company starts the search again.

3. Access to a large number of candidates

Contacting a recruitment company will give you access to a large number of candidates. It contains a directory of profiles that are eligible and ready for action. It is not uncommon for a recruiting firm to respond positively to a job application the next day by submitting profiles that match their expectations.

The hiring company can also exercise a direct approach by surveying the ideal candidate for their companies. A possibility to reach candidates who are not looking for work.

4. It helps the recruitment company to control costs

To control staffing related costs, a staffing firm is an effective solution. Most of them get paid for success. This means that the company does not reward the hiring company unless it hires one of its candidates.

But that’s not all, some recruiters offer companies a 3-month guarantee. If the selected candidate does not check the probationary period, the recruitment company undertakes to find a rare pearl to replace him, at no additional cost.

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