The Nerd Chronicle: The Importance of a Car Blog

Recent trends in organic search engine optimization (SEO) clearly demonstrate the power of value-added blogs on websites. It is not only about informing the consumer of the latest news at the dealership or presenting a collection of similar vehicles to be able to make an informed decision, but a well-referenced unique content blog also gives visibility to your site and, therefore, increases the traffic of Internet users. Special collaboration with Louis-Philippe Villeneuve, founder of NERD Auto.

Position on search engines

Comme nous sommes friands des meilleures positions sur les moteurs de recherche (Google entre autres), un contenu riche sur les modèles automobiles avec prix et fiche technique, par exemple, pourra faire une nette différence pour celui qui cheréformation de l’in In particular.

Promoting your car dealership website would probably involve producing long and increasingly detailed blogs. In 2022, the average blog on websites was around 850 words. Of course, one can choose shorter or longer blogs, but the real value of a car blog will be in attracting customers to the dealer site.

A content-based digital marketing strategy will add content to your site and will be tasked with informing and demonstrating the expertise behind the car banner.

Deal with professionals

Web content specialists work with powerful software, among other things, to list keywords that are likely to attract potential customers, choose appropriate titles and subheadings, provide a good product description and order blog content with tags (H1, H2, H3 …). Since value-added blogs generally operate to specific standards, a SEO web writer will know how to highlight the right, relevant information in an appropriate style and tone.

These days, agents need to stand out and increase their online presence. A good way to do this is to produce blogs that are unique to car models. But beware, writing a blog in moderation will not necessarily produce the expected results. This content strategy should be iterative first and at regular intervals. After all, we want traffic to our site.

In the end, writing monthly blogs is a great way to gain attention, attract new clients, or retain existing ones. It would be ridiculous to miss out on this measured strategy that benefits your competition.

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